Summer and Winter Schools

Two or three-week academic summer schools this July/August or January/February in Vienna. Earn credits while discovering a multicultural and vibrant city. Innovative topics. World-class academic courses, interdisciplinary cooperation. Excellent lecturers. Optional social program. Friendly and individual all-round support.

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German Language School

German language courses at all levels. Connecting qualified and passionate teachers with ambitious and international learners. Intensive and Semester Courses. Dynamic classes with modern teaching methods. Central location. Friendly and individual support. ÖSD preparation courses and examination.

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University Language Preparation

All-inclusive German language preparation for international students planning to enter an Austrian university: German courses, personal tutorials, 2 grammar booster courses, ÖSD examination, support with visa and accommodation.

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Academic English TOOLKIT

Equip yourself with the fundamental academic toolkit to navigate complex texts and formulate and structure clear and meaningful academic writing. Explore pre-writing techniques, writing strategies, argumentation, paper and paragraph structure, academic style, vocabulary and grammar. Available as a 2-day intensive seminar or a 10-week semester course.

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Customized Academic Programs

Customized short-term programs in Vienna. Build the course that best suits your needs. Longstanding experience with developing tailored high-quality academic programs for partners worldwide. Save time, energy and resources and provide students with an unforgettable academic and personal experience.

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German Youth Programs

The best way to make teenagers' language learning experience much more fun and successful is by involving them in exciting and enriching activities that will boost their motivation to keep learning!

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International Summer and Winter Schools

03.07.2017 - 21.07.2017
17.07.2017 - 28.07.2017


German language courses


Be part of the local community

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from IESD Student

For me this Summer School was by far the best way to collect some extra credits. Now, in retrospect, I would have chosen this course even without the credits.

IESD Student
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from ULWW Student

I think the course was really well-organized, the material we could make notes during the lecture was good. I liked the daily deliveries on the first week as they made us study the subject.

ULWW Student
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from AAC Student

I liked the fact that we had to make a short film about our experience in Vienna. I think we all managed to create something that will always remind us of our great time in Vienna.

AAC Student
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from IESD Student

A month ago I started with my internship at the Netherlands Embassy in Wellington, the INNES summer school in Vienna from last summer turns out to be really useful!

IESD Student
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from IESD Student

I really want to thank everyone for two amazing weeks! It has been a lot of fun and a lot of good memories!

IESD Student
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Federica Modigliani

Ciao a tutti, mi chiamo Federica e vengo da Roma. Sto frequentando il mio secondo corso di tedesco qui alla INNES, livello A2/1. Mi sono iscritta alla INNES su consiglio del mio ragazzo. Vi consiglio questa scuola perché gli insegnanti sono molto preparati, disponibili ma soprattutto perché ci sono ragazzi di diverse nazionalità. Vi aspettiamo. Benvenuti alla INNES.

Federica Modigliani
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Igor Meshkov

My name is Igor and I’m from Russia. I am part of the Erasmus programme. I joined INNES two months ago. I can say that it has been an amazing experience to study here. I have found friends and a beautiful group for communication. We also have a wonderful teacher, Tatyana. Thank you INNES. I will most definitely recommend this language school to my friends here and back in Russia. Thank you INNES.

Igor Meshkov
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Milena Vuckovic

I am quite pleased with the whole experience at INNES School. The procedure was extremely straightforward – easy application, friendly and helpful staff, and timely information regarding the ÖSD exam and exam dates. I would highly recommend the school to all students looking for a pleasant experience during their ÖSD adventure.

Milena Vuckovic
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from B1 German Course Student

Since I have experience in other courses in other institutes, I must say I really, really liked courses at INNES. For me it was very useful, very helpful and I really learned a lot. Moreover, I think it is good that we are obligated to have tests and do our homework. Our teacher explained everything in detail and whenever we had questions our needed help she was there. Big thank you, and hopefully I will take my B1.2 level again at INNES soon. DANKE!

B1 German Course Student
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from B2/1 German Course Student

I'm taking the B2.1 course at INNES Institute and couldn't be any more satisfied. The rooms are very comfortable. They use the best textbooks for German Learning and there's a welcoming atmosphere.

B2/1 German Course Student
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from German Course Student

I liked very much our teacher, I would like to continue my studies and I am looking forward to continue them with him. His methods seems perfect for me, I enjoyed very much the class.

German Course Student
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Intensive German Course Student

I am really impressed by INNES and found the German course very useful. Everyone there is extremely friendly and I learned so much in one month. I am looking forward to signing up for more courses.

Intensive German Course Student
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Intensive German Course Student

I am very satisfied with this course. I improved my German skills during these 2 months and learned a lot of new useful words (the topics were very interesting for me) and I started finally to speak German, while at the beginning I was completely locked. I have no complaints and I am thinking taking another course at INNES in the future.

Intensive German Course Student
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Student

For these couple of days being at INNES, I have to say I feel really nice, as the atmosphere is very humane, and I feel all that work there are at any moment ready to help on anything.