Summer and Winter Schools

Two or three-week academic summer schools this July/August or January/February in Vienna. Earn credits while discovering a multicultural and vibrant city. Innovative topics. World-class academic courses, interdisciplinary cooperation. Excellent lecturers. Optional social program. Friendly and individual all-round support.

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German Language School

German language courses at all levels. Connecting qualified and passionate teachers with ambitious and international learners. Intensive and Semester Courses. Dynamic classes with modern teaching methods. Central location. Friendly and individual support. ÖSD preparation courses and examination.

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University Language Preparation

All-inclusive German language preparation for international students planning to enter an Austrian university: German courses, personal tutorials, 2 grammar booster courses, ÖSD examination, support with visa and accommodation.

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Academic English TOOLKIT

Equip yourself with the fundamental academic toolkit to navigate complex texts and formulate and structure clear and meaningful academic writing. Explore pre-writing techniques, writing strategies, argumentation, paper and paragraph structure, academic style, vocabulary and grammar. Available as a 2-day intensive seminar or a 10-week semester course.

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Customized Academic Programs

Customized short-term programs in Vienna. Build the course that best suits your needs. Longstanding experience with developing tailored high-quality academic programs for partners worldwide. Save time, energy and resources and provide students with an unforgettable academic and personal experience.

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School Groups Program

Short term German language program for school groups led by a teacher/chaperone, coupled with social and cultural activities in Vienna. Build a customized program for your students consisting of language classes tailored to their level and activities selected to suit your preferences! The learning experience is further enhanced through homestays with Viennese families.

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German language courses


Be part of the local community

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Chiara

I’m Chiara, I come from Italy, and I study history of art and architecture. I chose INNES because it was a very good chance to go abroad for learning English, to meet people from all over the world, and improve my knowledge about architecture. I really loved the topics of the lessons and our professors, and I learned a lot of new things. As for the impact of the course, now I know that there are too many interesting fields were I can hypothetically work, which will become very useful for my future. Overall, it was a great experience!

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Jennie Wang

Hi, I’m Jennie Wang, I’m 22 years old, and I come from China. Studying in the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China with a major in Urban Development. Since I have learned the flute for 7 years and am fond of classical music, Vienna was the city that I wanted to visit. I chose INNES because it partners with our school, and I’m interested in architecture. Through this program, I learned a lot about Austrian history and the background behind famous buildings here. The excursions after class were very interesting. The professor’s lessons were vivid, she is very nice, and all the classmates are friendly. I made a lot of friends here! I really had a wonderful time here, and I hope I can go back to Vienna someday.

Jennie Wang
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Astrid

Hi, I’m Astrid from Copenhagen, Denmark. I took the course ‘Plants and People’ this summer, and I really enjoyed the course as it combined both lectures and field excursions, the teachers were great, and I got to see a lot of Vienna both during the course and in my spare time! I would definitely recommend this course!

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Muhammad

I think I have definitely benefited from Plants and People because of the two instructors. Heidi and Elisabeth were so passionate about ethnobotany, and they never fail to go the extra mile in explaining and educating me on the plants. It has helped me develop an interest in gardening, and I hope knowledge gained from Plants and People will help me when I do my final year project back in NTU Singapore.

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Neijla

My name is Nejla and I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I attended the International Economics and Sustainable Development course. The course itself was very interesting and useful for me since I am studying economics. The summer school gives you an opportunity to meet new people, gain experience, and be involved in the course that you are interested in in a different environment. I would definitely recommend INNES Summer School to those who seek adventure through exploring a different culture and creating long-lading friendships with people from all around the world.

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Gabriele

My name is Gabriele and I come from Italy. I’m currently studying Economics in my hometown and I chose INNES Institute because of my passion for the subject of the class. I attended the International Economy and Sustainable Development course and it was very stimulating. I found the connections the teacher made between several fields of interest from social issues to environment, from economics to policy to be particularly effective. My experience with INNES was definitely constructive: it helped me build improve my language skills, meet new people, and build confidence on the subject I find crucial for my future and to our society.

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Valentina

My name is Valentine Bellet and I’m 20 I am studying engineering in Toulouse, France. I choose this summer school because there is a partnership with my school (INSA). I wanted to improve my English, discover a new country and a new city, have fun, meet new people, and learn about sustainable development, because I would like to work in this field in the future. In this class, I enjoyed the content, how it was presented, how the teacher explained, and how the slides were done. I think this course was great for my general culture, how I will see the world and have a better understanding of the world. After this class, I think I will change some things that I am used to do. Now, I know that I really would like to work in this field. I really like the fact that the teacher was French because he said a lot of things about France that I didn’t know before.

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Federica

Ciao a tutti, mi chiamo Federica e vengo da Roma. Sto frequentando il mio secondo corso di tedesco qui alla INNES, livello A2/1. Mi sono iscritta alla INNES su consiglio del mio ragazzo. Vi consiglio questa scuola perché gli insegnanti sono molto preparati, disponibili ma soprattutto perché ci sono ragazzi di diverse nazionalità. Vi aspettiamo. Benvenuti alla INNES.

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Igor

Всем привет! Я приехал из России и я принимаю участие в Erasmus программе. Впервые, я пришел сюда 2 месяца назад в данную школу. И могу сказать, что это потрясающий опыт учиться здесь. Я здесь нашел друзей, я здесь нашел прекрасный круг общения, у нас преподает прекрасный преподаватель Татьяна. Спасибо Innes! Я буду определенно рекомендовать данное место своим друзьям. Спасибо INNES!

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Abdullah

مرحبا. انا عبدالله الديوان من العراق ادرس في معهد انيس للغات الانجليزيه و الالمانيه. ادرس مرحله B1 اخترت هذا المعهد لكفائه المحاضرين و المدرسين الموجودين فيه. اوصيكم بزياره المعهد و الدراسه فيه كفائه المحاضرين و المدرسين. شكراً!

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Berk

Merhaba,Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi Makina Mühendisliği öğrencisiyim. Erasmus programı kapsamında Viyana Teknik Üniversitesi’nde eğitimime devam etmekte ve aynı zamanda INNES Institute’de 4 aydır yoğunlaştırılmış Almanca kursu almaktayım.Gerek hocaların bilgi ve tecrübesi,gerekse derslerin interaktifliği ve doğrudan günlük hayata yönelik olması,ayrıca dünyanın dört bir yanından gelen insanlarla birlikte yeni kültürler tanımak ve eğlenirken Almanca öğrenmek isteyen herkese INNES’i kesinlikle tavsiye ederim.

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Nils

Hej! Mitt namn är Nils Jonnerby, jag kommer från Sverige Luleå. Jag läser tyska A2/2 och tycker att INNES ett bra alternativ för att lära sig tyska, undervisningen är tydlig och väl strukturerad där det är lätt att hänga med i det relativt snabba tempot. Man får även god hjälp om man skulle behöva det. Jag valde INNES för att jag ska under den kommande hösten läsa en utbytestermin vid TU wien och blev via dem rekommenderad INNES. I min kurs är det ungefär 11 personer från alla olika länder och man binder mycket bra kontakter och vänner. Jag skulle rekommendera denna skola för att det är ett utmärkt sätt att lära sig tyska på, hitta vänner och samtidigt ha mycket tid över till att uppleva kulturen i Wien!

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Judit

Sziasztok, A nevem Judit és Budapestről érkeztem Bécsbe. Egyelőre az A2.2-es intenzív német nyelvkurzust végeztem el az Innesben. Mindenkinek csak ajánlani tudom:) Itt sikerült megértenem, milyen is az igazán beszédorientált oktatás. Otthon több nyelvkurzuson is részt vettem több nyelvből. Összehasonlítva, az otthoni írás, az itteni beszédorientált. Itt szinte minden szóban zajlik, általában spontán.Minden csak németül. Szerintem nem kell hangsúlyoznom ennek a fontosságát a való életben.. Továbbá,az órák nagyon élvezetesek,rengeteg színes anyagot és vicces csapatfeladatot kapunk. A napi 3 óra szinte repül! Az oktató és a csapattagok is nagyon klasszak voltak,mindenkinek csak ajánlom az INNES!

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Miljana

INNES Institut sam pronasla u internet pretraživanju od velikog nezadovoljna svakom skolom nemačkog jezika! Tu moja pretraga prestaje jer konačno postoji mesto gde se nemački jezik može savladati, i to jako uspešno! Na INNES Institutu pohadjala sam B1.2 i B2.1 intenzivne kurseve nemačkog jezika, a trenutno i B2.2 intenzivni kurs i planiram nastaviti i dalje nivoe jer sam jako zadovoljna znanjem koje se pruža i koncepcijom učenja kao i komunikacijom na kursevima! Uz to, divna je atmosfera i jako je ljubazan tim! Moja preporuka je odabrati INNES pre bilo koje druge skole jezika!