Our Story

At INNES Institute Vienna we aim to enable the course participants, teachers and staff members to be creative in everything they do, and maintain a high quality of education at the same time.

INNES Institute Vienna is a private institute, which aims to stimulate intellectual and personal development in an open and diverse environment. We support intercultural interaction and academic exchange among our participants, lecturers, partners and colleagues all over the world who share the same idea of a peaceful world and respectful common living. We enable the participants in our courses to develop the knowledge and skills they need for succeeding in their fields. By including the Human Rights program in our portfolio, we want to contribute actively to making the world a better place for everybody. INNES Institute Vienna provides an educational platform for all creative and open-minded individuals to share their thoughts, expertise and experience.

Why Choose Us

  • Educational Excellence: Various original, useful, timely course offerings from international experts. Check out our “Courses” pages!
  • Proof of quality: INNES Institute Vienna is recommended by many prominent universities worldwide
  • Support: We will support you before, during and after your stay where necessary
  • Location: We are located in the centre of Vienna in the heart of Europe
  • Lecturers: Excellent and motivated lecturers from accredited universities worldwide

German Languages Courses Testimonials

INNES Press Kit

To find out more about INNES Institute Vienna and to get an overview of our portfolio, please view our press kit .

For questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Job Offers

Call for research papers: Marketing & Sales Research (International Higher Education)

Provisional research titles – What will I research?

1.     Case Study 1: Creation of a marketing plan for INNES Institute Vienna, aimed at certain customer segments, with specific focus on the trackability of the individual marketing measures.


2.     Case Study 2: How can INNES Institute Vienna by means of targeted use of Social Media Marketing increase brand awareness, and most importantly, sales figures?




3.     Case Study 3: How to build a sales channel via digital media such as whatsapp, newsletters, google ads, Facebook ads, blog contributions etc.?



About  – What is INNES?


INNES Institute is an established and friendly education center, specialised in providing German language courses and short academic programs for ambitious international students, academics and professionals. Our high pedagogical standards together with friendly, quick and personalized support make us the first address in Vienna for international educational excellence. Centrally located in the heart of Vienna, our education center connects highly qualified, experienced and passionate teachers with ambitious and motivated learners in an open and diverse environment. Our mission is to empower our students to develop the knowledge and skills they need for sustainable problem-solving and pursuing their academic or professional career. INNES stands for effective and innovative learning and quick progress. 

Project plan – How?


This is where your part begins. We are looking for creative, skilled and motivated young researchers who want to get practice in developing outstanding marketing plans. First, we would invite you for a Skype interview to assess your suitability for the process. As a second step, we would invite you to visit our school, get to know us and our story, and give you a proper introduction into our business development up until now. After you have a good idea of where we stand and what our current marketing efforts are, you would start to work on your research project. Using relevant literature (recommended by us and suggested by you), you would first prepare the theoretical background to your work. Second, and most importantly, based on our case plus the relevant theory, you would then write up a marketing plan based on the SMART* criteria.


 Specific – target a specific area for improvement.

Measurable – quantify or at least suggest an indicator of progress.

Achievable – state what results can realistically be achieved, given available resources.

Responsible – specify who will do it.

Time-related – specify when the result(s) can be achieved.

Note: Our company language is English, but it would be also okay if you wrote your research paper in German.



Your benefit   – What will I get?


We are a friendly, open-minded and dynamic team, and people generally enjoy working with us. It will be interesting for you to dive into the INNES world and to get-hands on experience with applying and further developing your theoretical knowledge. Because you will be collaborating closely with us throughout your project, you will be able to significantly develop your personal soft skills, one of the most important assets in today’s world of work. In exchange for your hard work we are happy to offer you a free place in one of our top quality Summer or Winter Schools at our Institute. These are two or three-week academic summer schools this January/February or July/August respectively in Vienna. What you get are world-class academic courses, interdisciplinary cooperation, excellent lecturers, and interesting study colleagues from all over the globe. It is clear that such a work/research/study experience on your CV works as a door opener for your entire future career.

Next steps  – How can I apply?


You can write an email to [email protected] with your CV and a short introduction of yourself, or you can simply call us at +43 1 890 65 85. Starting date: As soon as possible.

Lecturers for Winter and Summer Schools

We are currently looking for attractive and contemporary topics to further expand our growing portfolio of winter and summer schools in the fields of Engineering, IT, Business, Sustainable design, Psychology or any other fields currently in demand on the international student market. 

To be accepted as a lecturer by INNES Institute Vienna you should be a member of an accredited higher education institution, international company or governmental institution with an extensive  academic, professional and personal record.

The content of your school should be of scientific and academic relevance and able to reach a wide international target group. We expect all lecturers and participants to have excellent and proven command of English at an academic level.

Most schools run for 2 or 3 weeks. Schools can be organized throughout the year, but our peak months are during January and February (winter schools) and July and August (summer schools), when most international students are able to travel abroad. Your school is your sustainable project! It is your own entry point to the international academic audience, so you should plan to run it for a longer period of time.

Session should ideally be submitted 10 months in advance, but shorter periods are also possible. You are providing academic content, INNES is organizing everything else. We are promoting your session by means of international academic networks, participation in the international higher education fairs and by means of different marketing tools. Of course, you are also encouraged to self-promote your school via your existing networks.

- providing facilities and infrastructure in the centre of Vienna
- preselecting applicants upon your criteria
- supporting applicants during the entire registration process
- providing visa support for applicants and staff
- organizing accommodation for participants and staff
- organizing social program for participants and staff
- administering and organizing the actual school
- evaluating your session

Please send your applications or any related questions to [email protected]  

Marketing & Sales Intern (Skill swap basis)

Innes Vienna is an established and friendly education centre, specialised in providing German language courses and short academic programs for international students, academics and professionals. Our high pedagogical standards together with friendly, quick and personalized support make us the first address in Vienna for international educational excellence. As a young but ambitious start-up it is our mission to equip our participants with the skills and the knowledge that they need to succeed in their professional and academic careers.  

We are currently looking for creative and hard-working marketing interns to assist our very busy marketing department. This opportunity will allow you to supplement your resume with hands-on experience in a rapidly growing, dynamic, international academic business in central Vienna, Austria. 

Are you...

    …an excellent multi-tasker who can work both independently and with a team?

    …outgoing and enthusiastic, a generally great communicator?

    …literate in Social Media and its use for business development and marketing?

    …eager to apply and improve your existing knowledge in the area of (international) marketing, sales and business development?

    …good at finding creative solutions?

    …passionate about start-ups, education and marketing?

    If you say yes to the above, an internship at INNES is the right place for you.

    Required skills:

    • Ongoing/Completed BA or MA degree in the area of Marketing & Sales
    • Excellent spoken and written English (at least C1), strong communication skills
      (our company language is English!)
    • Computer & Social Media skills – the more the better
    • Knowledge about SEO would be beneficial
    • Excellent organizational skills
    • Creative problem-solving skills

    In order to apply you will need:

    • An impressive CV
    • A short cover letter 

    Your possible tasks include

    • Researching and proposing suitable marketing & sales strategies and actions to support business growth
    • Improving Customer Retention
    • Sales optimization
    • Contributing to improve our website in terms of usability and SEO
    • International Student Recruitment
    • Social media management incl. the creation of photos, videos, micro-learning posts or content marketing posts
    • Composing newsletters and announcements
    • Creating flyers, posters, postcards etc. and organising their distribution
    • Providing administrative support, and much more

    We will make sure that the tasks you engage in match your personal strengths and interests. In exchange for your hard work we are happy to offer you a free place in one of our top quality Summer or Winter Schools at our Institute. You should work with us for at least 2 months, or, longer, if this is of mutual interest. We are a friendly, open-minded and dynamic team.

    Please send your applications or any related questions to [email protected]  

    Ps.: Do you need to complete field research for your BA or MA thesis? If so, we can imagine to cooperate with you, supplying case studies for you to work on. Get in contact to discuss details!

    DaF/DaZ Lehrer*innen ab sofort gesucht

    Für unsere Deutschkurse suchen wir qualifizierte und erfahrene Lehrer*innen. INNES bietet anspruchsvolle Kurse für Studierende, Akademiker*innen und lerngeübte Personen an. Wir legen großen Wert auf Qualität und Professionalität im Unterricht, eine möglichst gute Bezahlung gegenüber den Lehrer*innen und eine anregende Atmosphäre im Kollegium.

    Außerdem organisieren wir ÖSD Vorbereitungskurse, ÖSD Prüfungen, Grammar Booster Kurse sowie Individualunterricht an. Auch dafür suchen wir stets qualifiziertes und motiviertes Lehrpersonal.


    Teilzeitanstellung: 12 Stunden pro Woche

    11 Intensivkurse / 528 Stunden pro Jahr

    Arbeitszeiten: Montag bis Donnerstag 9-12 Uhr – Freitage frei, Urlaub: 5 Wochen

    Jahresgehalt 12.600 EUR brutto (inkl. 13. und 14. Gehalt)

    Probezeit drei Monate danach unbefristet


          abgeschlossenes DaF/DaZ Studium oder vergleichbare Ausbildung

    fundierte und nachweisbare Unterrichtserfahrung

    ÖSD Kenntnisse von Vorteil

    Deutschkenntnisse C2

    Leidenschaft für das Unterrichten

    Methodische und  interkulturelle Kompetenz

     Kurze, aussagekräftige Bewerbungen bitte an [email protected]