INNES Institute Vienna

We at INNES care about empowering our students to develop the German language skills and academic knowledge they need for pursuing their life and career goals. Expect high-quality German language courses, life-enriching academic short courses (regular and customized), individual support, a great location, qualified and passionate instructors and an international and diverse community of learners. INNES is the bridge to your future!

Our partners include TU Wien, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, German schools worldwide, local and global businesses, and Departments of German Studies and Linguistics worldwide. We cooperate with interns from the University of Vienna and the Harvard Work Abroad Program.

INNES can help you to enhance your students learning experience, by taking the classroom abroad and bringing the curriculum to life. With our CAP, students gain credit towards their degree, as well as experiencing a different culture and way of life.

Our CAP team works with you to develop international programs that meet your institution's specific academic requirements, while saving time, energy and resources. We take care of the pre-departure information and on-site logistics so that your main focus can be the teaching. Whether you want to offer a course taught by your own faculty or offer a cohort arrangement based on an area of interest, INNES can provide the support, resources, and flexibility you need to create your own custom program in Vienna.

What is the Customized Academic Program (CAP)?

At INNES, we understand that each of our university partners has its own individual needs. That's why we tailor our programs and services to meet your requirements. Either take advantage of our extensive insfrastructure and build your CAP program from existing INNES offerings, or alternatively you can discuss with us what you are looking for, and together we can build a unique program from scratch.

We are here to assist students with every aspect of their study trip, such as; accommodation, transportation, social activities, etc. Simply tell us what you need, and we will try our hardest to make it happen. We can guarantee that your students will receive an original and memorable learning experience.

What we offer

We offer two primary models: Faculty-led Program and INNES Custom Program. Whichever you choose, we'll help you define your objectives and develop affordable solutions.

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Why choose us?

There are a number of reasons why you should let INNES take care of your Customized Academic Program.

Excellent location

Our institute is based in the centre of Vienna, right in the heart of Europe. Vienna is a beautiful city that boasts many museums, parks and galleries – there is always somewhere to go or something new to see. INNES Institute is easily accessible by all modes of public transport, and our learning environment and classrooms are bright, modern and inspiring.

Talented lecturers

INNES work with motivated and excellent lecturers from accredited universities around the world. Our strong academic frame work attracts students and engages them with every aspect of the learning process. We offer quality resources, reliable suppliers and an appropriate study space for successful learning.


With a Customized Academic Program, you have the option to choose when the program will take place and for how long. It can be as short as a few weeks, or as long as a year - it’s completely up to you. We will strive to do everything that we can in order to give you exactly what you require from a custom made learning program. Our expert management will ensure that your students have a positive intercultural experience.

Good value for money

We offer a price that can be adjusted to meet the financial constraints of your school and students. We endeavour to find the best deals to make the overall cost as low as possible for you. In return you will receive a program exclusively designed to meet your needs, on-site support and the very best quality of teaching.