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Evening German Language Course
  • 12-week German language course
  • 6-8 pm
  • 64 units á 45 minutes (6 ECTS)
  • 2 days per week
  • students, academics, professionals and young adults

Learn German in Vienna

Our Evening or Semester German Language Course helps you reach your targeted German language level within 12-weeks. Semester German Language Courses always start in October, January, March and June and take place two times each week: Monday/Wednesday for A-levels, and Tuesday/Thursday for B-levels. Course times are always from 6-8 pm in the evenings. This class is ideal for international students or working professionals.

INNES Institute Vienna is your first address in the city center of Vienna for highy-quality German language learning. Expect high academic standards, qualified and dedicated teachers, excellent methods and materials, as well as a pleasant and focused learning space. Together with other ambitious German learners from around the world, you will develop your German until you reach your targeted level.

Content  I  Method  I  Course Material

A typical Semester German Language Course helps you to learn German in the following ways: 

-you develop all five skills, including listening, reading, speaking, writing and interacting
-you improve your communicative effectiveness
-you expand your vocabulary
-you study and train your grammar
-you turn into a fluent and confident communicator with local knowledge

At INNES, quality and professionality matter. We work exclusively with qualified and passionate teachers, first-class materials and dynamic and engaging methods so that you can learn German in a personalised way. All teachers are using communication-oriented and interactive methods that allow students to be constantly active and experiment with new language. Our teachers will create regular tests for you, in order to guarantee your learning progress. Because our students come from diverse international backgrounds, you not only learn German but you also improve your intercultural competence!

In your Semester German Language Course you will learn German by using a course book and a variety of specially selected supplemental materials. For A1-B1 courses you work with the course book Menschen, and from B2 onwards with the course book Mittelpunkt. The course book costs EUR 26 and you can buy it in our office, all supplemental materials are free.

Which level is right for you?  I  Placement Test

We offer 9 Semester German Language Course phases: A1/1, A1/2, A2/1, A2/2, B1/1, B1/2, B2/1, B2/2, and C1. If you are not sure which course level is appropriate for you, simply complete this placement placement test. If you are still not sure, talk to us! Email us at [email protected], give us a call at +43 1 890 65 85, or stop by our institute.


You can register online, on the telephone or in person at our office. All our Semester German Language Courses at INNES are available to learners above the age of 16. Even though the majority of our learners is between 20 and 30, we do cover all ages including 60+.

Course Certificate  |  Confirmation of Participation  |  ECTS

The minimum requirements for the issuance of a course certificate are as following:

-minimum 80% attendance of the total course duration
- 60% of the total points of the progress tests

Upon successful completion of your Semester German Language Course, you receive a course certificate (6 ECTS) on your last course day, as an internationally recognized proof of your German learning experience. In case of non-participation in the progress tests, ECTS points cannot be granted. Nevertheless participants who fulfil the minimum attendance of 80% can receive a confirmation of participation. The relevant Study Program Administration or university has the ultimate decision regarding recognition of our certificates.

Extra courses: Grammar Booster and ÖSD Preparation Course

If you like to learn German Grammar even more intensively, you can book a 5-day German grammar booster course to systematically repeat, train and strengthen the core grammar points of A2 or B1 level, during 2 hours each day. If you have participated in 4 or more courses at INNES, you are even eligible for a free German Grammar Booster course.

You want to systematically prepare for the ÖSD exam? Then our ÖSD exam preparation course might be just your thing! Every month, during 2 days (4 hours each day) you train everything that is needed to prepare you for the "ÖSD-way-of-thinking”. Equipped with all necessary test strategies and having run through various sample tests, you can arrive at your exam with a relaxed smile. By the way, you can also do your ÖSD exam directly at our institute. 

If you want to learn German on a daily basis, you could book yourself into one of our monthly Intensive German language courses.

Loyalty Program

If you plan to continuously learn German in Vienna at INNES, you can access a loyalty bonus. This loyalty bonus is only valid if you book several courses at once. 

Pay for 2 courses and get 5% discount
Pay for 3 courses and get 10% discount
Pay for 4 courses and get 15% discount

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