If you are not sure about your German level you should read the information below. Each level consists of 2 phases. In every course (Intensive German Language Course and Semester Course) you proceed 1 phase.
Placement tests: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1


A1/1 = A1 phase 1 A1/2 = A1 phase 2 (completion of A1) For participants with no or very little previous competence in the language. These courses lead up to Level A1. Content: reading and listening comprehension of simple texts; giving basic personal information; establishing contacts with others; taking part in simple conversations; acquiring fundamental vocabulary and learning basic grammar structures that enable unsophisticated spoken and written communication in everyday situations.


A2/1 = A2 phase 1 A2/2 = A2 phase 2 (completion of A2) These courses lead up to Level A2. Content: communication in familiar, everyday situations; reading and listening comprehension of the core message of texts involving topics and requirements of everyday life and familiar situations; writing simple texts about familiar topics and personal interests.


B1/1 = B1 phase 1 B1/2 = B1 phase 2 (completion of B1) These courses lead up to Level B1. Content: communication on general topics; means of verbal expression for more complex conversation; writing of unsophisticated official documents; comprehension of core statements of general interest radio or television broadcasts; command of basic vocabulary on general topics.


B2/1 = B2 phase 1 B2/2 = B2 phase 2 (completion of B2) These courses lead up to Level B2. Content: further development of reading and listening strategies for enhanced comprehension of complex texts on abstract and concrete topics; boosting vocabulary for clear and adequate action and reaction in written and spoken communication on a wide spectrum of subject matters.


C1/1 = C1 phase 1 C1/2 = C1 phase 2 (completion of C1) These courses lead up to Level C1. Content: enhancement of written and spoken instruments of communication, thus enabling effective and flexible use of the language within the realm of public/professional life and/or in education and studies. Work with demanding written and audio materials from different media, discussions, drafting detailed and explicit written statements and comments on complex topics.


C2/1 = C2 phase 1 C2/2 = C2 phase 2 (completion of C2) These courses lead up to Level C2. Content: honing of written and spoken expression for spontaneous, fluent and to a large extent correct enunciation in the context of discussions and presentations. Focus on complex literary, scientific and geo-political texts (both written and audio) for enhanced comprehension and expression of fine nuances.

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