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Intensive German Grammar Booster Course
  • 5-day grammar program
  • 3-5 pm
  • Starts every month
  • Includes excellent materials
  • Students, academics, professionals and young adults

Boost your German Grammar in only 5 days!

The aim of this Intensive German Grammar Booster Course is for you to systematically repeat, train and automatize the core grammar points of A2 or B1 level, from Monday to Friday, during 2 hours each day. Course times are always from 3-5 pm in the afternoons. This Grammar Booster Course takes place every month and has only one aim: To get your grammar fit! Available at A2 and B1 level.

Content  I  Method  I  Course Material
Moving from basic (A-level) to independent (B-level)  speaker is a challenge for many German language learners. In our experience, the best way to overcome this challenge is to focus on all the most common key areas of German Grammar.  

A typical Intensive German Grammar Booster Course A2 addresses a selection of the following key Grammar areas (depending on the actual needs of the group):  

Self-test of A1 (regular and irregular verb conjugations, sein/haben,  basic questions and answers, simple imperative, simple sentence structures with modal verbs, separable verbs and past tense, negatives with nicht/kein, simple connections with und, oder, aber, den, plural forms, article words, cases, esp. nominative and accusative, personal pronouns, possessive pronouns)
Sentence structures:

  • Sentence structures (Nebensätze mit dass, weil, wenn temporale Nebensätze mit als, bis, bevor, Indirect questions, Hauptsätze mit deshalb, Relativsätze with accusative)
  • Modal verbs and sentence structures with modal verbs
  • Separable verbs and sentence structures with separable verbs
  • Past tense (Perfekt) and sentence structures with Partizip II
  • Comparative and superlative and sentence structures with genauso…wie, nicht so…wie, …als
  • Passiv I
  • Past tense I (Präteritum)
  • Konjunktiv II: haben, können, würde
  • Akkusativ and Dativ
  • Nouns and article words I
  • Indefinita (man, jemand, niemand, alle,…)
  • Personal pronouns with Nominativ, Akkusativ and Dativ
  • Reflexive pronouns
  • Adjective endings
  • Prepositions (temporal and local) and two-case prepositions (akk/dat)

A typical Intensive German Grammar Booster Course B1 level addresses a selection of the following key Grammar areas (depending on the actual needs of the group):  

Self-test of A2 (Haupt- und Nebensätze, indirect questions, relative sentences, articles, pronouns, indefinite, adjective endings, comparative, two-case prepositions, temporal and local prepositions, past tense)

  • Sentence structures (Nebensätze with da, obwohl, sentence connections with darum, deswegen, trotzdem, Nebensätze with während, seit(dem), nachdem, relative sentences with preposition, infinitive with zu, Nebensätze with damit, um…zu, Conditional clauses: Wenn + Konjunktiv II, Advanced linkers: sowohl…als auch, nicht nur…sondern auch, weder…noch, entweder…oder, zwar…aber, einerseits…andererseits
  • Past tenses (Perfekt and Präteritum) and sentence structures with Partizip II
  • Future tense
  • Passive forms II
  • Nouns and article words II
  • New case: Genitiv
  • The n-declination
  • Articles as pronouns
  • Sentences with Akkusativ and Dativ
  • Common Verbs with prepositions
  • Prepositionaladverbs (worüber, worauf, womit, wovon…)
  • Word formation

In your German Grammar Booster Course you will work with a handy Grammar book (Grammatik Intensivtrainer A2, B1) and a variety of specially selected supplemental materials. Expect clear overview tables and short and concise rules with easy-to-remember-examples. The book costs EUR 16 and you can buy it in our office, all extra supplemental materials are free.

Which level is right for you?  I  A2 or B1?
To take part in this course you should already be comfortable with the fundamental concepts of grammar and have already studied at A2 or B1 level respectively. Additionally, it is not uncommon for a B2 student to return and strengthen their command of the B1 core grammar areas. The same is true for B1 students! Don’t hesitate to book your A2 Grammar Booster course for a fundamental review of what is important.

If you are not sure which level is best for you, talk to us! Email us at [email protected], give us a call at +43 1 890 65 85, or stop by our institute.

You can register online, on the telephone or in person at your office. All our German language Grammar Booster courses at INNES are available to learners above the age of 16. Even though the majority of our learners is between 20 and 30, we do cover all ages including 60+.

Boost your Grammar for free!
If you have participated in 4 or more courses at INNES, you are even eligible for a free German Grammar Booster course. So, for example, if you learn German at A1 to A2 level (4 German language courses in total), you receive a free ticket for the German Grammar Booster course at A2 level. Or, if you choose to carry on with B1 level, after finishing it, you may then take part in our B1 German Grammar Booster course after having already completed the regular B1/1 and B1/2 course phases. This is a little thank you to our loyal students!

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All of our Grammar Booster Courses require a minimum of 4 registrations in order to take place. While we expect to reach this minimum in all courses, in the event that there are not enough participants registered by the Sunday evening before the first day of the course, we reserve the right to cancel the course and offer you one of the following alternative solutions: a) taking the same Grammar Booster Courses in the following month(s)b) shortening the course by 1 day c) processing a refund.