Why study with us?

INNES Institute Vienna specializes in German language courses for ambitious international learners. We keep our groups small, so you can expect a more personalized learning journey and a faster learning progress. Learn German with us in a great location, excellent teachers and materials. Our students appreciate INNES not only for the friendly, cosy atmosphere, it is the high course quality that convinces students to continue their studies with us. Expect well-structured, active lessons and extra speaking practice in all courses. All this is complimented by a Social Program that connects people. Our partners include TU Wien, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and many prominent universities worldwide - from Harvard to Nanyang Technological University. Easy online registration and payment.

Refer a friend and get rewarded

For each new friend you refer, you will receive a buildable 10% discount. Your friend will also receive a 10% discount. This offer is only valid for previous or current INNES students who refer new students. To claim your reward, all you have to do is come to the office with your friends, or send an email with their full names before they register. This offer cannot be combined with other discounts. Take part in growing the INNES community!

Be loyal and save money

Join our Loyalty Program to access great discounts! Because of our friendly, professional yet personalized approach to language learning, many learners study with us for several months. So if you are determined to succeed, why not access a great price? Pay for 2 courses and get 10 % discount on your 2nd courseI Pay for 3 or more courses and get 15% discount. Loyalty pays off with INNES!

Morning Intensive German Language Course
EUR 380-460
  • 4-week intensive course (6 ECTS)
  • Monday to Thursday
  • 9:15-12 (59 units á 45 minutes)
  • Free course book & certificate
  • Average 6 motivated participants per group
Evening German Language Course
EUR 350 - EUR 430
  • 8-week course (6 ECTS)
  • twice per week
  • 6-8 pm (43 units á 45 minutes)
  • Free course book & certificate
  • Average 6 motivated participants per group
Post C 1 Perfektionskurs
EUR 200
  • Kleingruppenarbeit (21x 45 Min)
  • Mittwochs 18:00-20:00 Uhr
  • Grammatik, Sprechen, Wortschatz
  • Arbeit mit authentischen Texten
  • Individuelle Fehlerkorrektur & Betreuung
University German Language Prep Program
EUR 3.500
  • 6 levels in 6 months
  • ÖSD C1 Exam and Prep Workshop
  • Flexible starting dates
  • Personal Tutorials
  • University Preparation
German Courses for Companies & Institutions
Customized Packages
  • Tailor-Made German Courses
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Tailored to Company Needs
  • Progress Reports
  • In-House or at INNES
German Language Personal Training
EUR 300 - 1050
  • Tailored to your specific needs
  • Fexible schedule
  • Packages 5, 10 or 20 units
  • All levels and purposes
  • Individual ÖSD exam preparation
Free Online German Language Test
  • German language level test
  • Test your German level for free
  • Description of levels A1-C1
  • ÖSD and CEFR standards
  • Find out which level is for you
School Groups in Austria
Great location
  • For School groups
  • Program tailored to your needs!
  • Social program included
  • Friendly Family accommodation
  • Excellent teachers

INNES German Language Education Quality Standards

What is high-quality education? To us, it means the combination of student success and student satisfaction. But how to get there? We believe that first and foremost, it is the high lesson quality at INNES that matters. Together with outstandingly friendly and personalized service, great facilities and ambitious students from around the world, INNES aims to provide the best possible environment for successful and efficient German learning.

At INNES you will find an academic and professional yet friendly and individual learning space. Because of our small groups, students get a lot of personal interaction time with their teachers – so they can expect a more personalized learning journey and a faster learning progress in your German language courses. What sets INNES apart is the high teaching quality and the friendly, personalized treatment of all our students. For us, it is the people, their life stories, career or academic goals that are the fuel for our efforts.

Registration I Level tests

Learning German at the right level is essential to your learning success. Apart from our easy online registration and free online German level test, you can also come to the INNES reception for a personal level assessment.

German language teachers

All our teachers are qualified, motivated, experienced, creative and able to respond to individual needs. All our teachers are educated to university level and are trained to teach German in a communicative, dynamic and activating way. Teachers are carefully selected by means of a three step assessment procedure. After a telephone interview, and a trial lesson, teachers submit a self-reflection, followed by a training session with our quality managers.

Feedback Systems to assure high quality

In each course, there is a threefold feedback process to maximize student satisfaction: #1 lesson observation, #2 online satisfaction survey and #3 class feedback. Lesson observations are followed by a personal feedback or trainings session with the aim to turn good teachers into fantastic teachers. After course week one, students can fill in an anonymous Satisfaction Survey online, so that all questions, doubts or problems can be responded to immediately. Because we believe that open teacher-student communication is the heartbeat of a good class atmosphere, teachers conduct an anonymous class feedback in course week two. Finally, our helpful reception staff always has an open ear for all your concerns

Inside the classroom I INNES Quality Standards

All teachers at INNES are trained to teach in accordance with our quality charter. This quality charter includes guidelines detailing what students need to achieve in order to be awarded a certificate with ECTS, what elements influence students’ final scores, how to handle progress tests, course planning, course methodology, feedback procedures and community building. All INNES Teachers work according to the following didactic principles:

#1 Student-centeredness. People and their personal needs and stories always stand in the foreground of all learning, and not the materials.

#2 Individual treatment. All learning activities are graded to participants’ individual needs and wishes. Stronger students get extra exercises and challenges, weaker students extra support. To guarantee individual treatment, we keep our groups small.

#3 Student feedback. Teachers create a communicative classroom environment in which feedback, wishes and suggestions can be placed personally at any time. Teachers always conduct an anonymous in-class feedback after the first course week to respond to students’ suggestions.

#4 Well-structuredness. All teachers carefully plan and stage their lessons and the entire course, in correspondence to students’ needs. They also give students an overview of the entire course, test dates, excursions etc. on the first course day.

#5 Group dynamics for active lessons. All teachers employ a mixture of individual, pair and group work to keep learners engaged and involved at all times. Our teacher’s mantra is to explain only as much as needed, so that students can get as active as possible, and communicate non-stop in German with each other.

#6 Balance of all four skills with extra focus on speaking practice. From the beginning, you will practice speaking, writing, reading and listening - however, we at INNES emphasises the extended speaking practice in all courses, because we know that this is the skill needed most in real life. This turns our students into independent communicators.

#7 Variety of activities. While it is important to establish some kind of learning routine, we know that learners love variety - which is why we train teachers to make sure that activities are creative and varied to engage learners with all their senses.

#8 Learning transfer. We at INNES are very structured and we expect our teachers to guarantee a smooth changeover between levels. In addition to the progress tests throughout the course, students draw a learning diagram visualising the contents learnt at the end of the course, thus reviewing everything and self-assessing their learning development.

Course Materials

A good course book and useful materials are also very important. We always keep up-to-date with the course book market in order to choose the best option for you. In our German language courses we are currently using the course book Menschen (Hueber) and from B2.1, we use Mittelpunkt (Klett). In addition, we have a well-equipped teacher’s library full with only the best didactic materials for German language learners.


INNES institute is bright, modern, super central and cosy, with clean and pleasant classrooms and sanitary facilities. During break times, everybody gets together over coffee in the INNES reception, where a lot of lasting friendships have been sparked. All our teachers are free to use laptops, beamers and speakers for a multimedia German learning experience.

Groups and Participants

The average participant number is 6, in some months at the beginning of the study year a bit higher. Our students are our heartbeat and what we are most proud of - we find our learners are ambitious, motivated, dedicated learners from all fields and corners of the world. Even though we have a lot of international students and academics, INNES is open to everybody, who wants to learn German in Vienna. Students can start connecting with each other at our interactive Welcome Ceremony held at the beginning of each month. Student networking continues during their common breaks, in self-organised conversation groups or at social events.


Our academic partners include TU Wien, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and numerous prominent universities worldwide – from Harvard to Nanyang Technological University Singapore. Our business clients include Novomatic, Green Tube, McDonalds, OSCE and European Centers around the globe, just to name a few. In addition we also work with Language Schools and University departments where German is taught as a foreign language. See here a full list of all our partners.

International Accreditation

INNES Institute Vienna is fully licensed as an exam centre for the Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch (ÖSD) language certificate. ÖSD Certificates are state-accredited and internationally recognised.

Social Program for language learners

In addition to developing your German language knowledge at our institute, we also want you to apply this knowledge in real-life situations while experiencing and exploring Vienna’s multicultural and vibrant atmosphere. Depending on the season of the year, there are many exciting things to do in and around Vienna. While most of the activities below are available all year round, others are only available during our peak season in summer, when we also host a number of International Summer Schools in addition to language classes.

Welcome Ceremony

Every month on your first language course day, you, together with all other INNES students, will take part in an interactive Welcome Ceremony. This is a great opportunity to start making friends and exchange contacts, as well as to receive information about upcoming courses, events, useful German language learning strategies and book recommendations.

Special Summer Program

Every year in the summer months we host a growing number of International Summer Schools. All language students are warmly invited to join their extensive social program, which can be found here. Please register early, so we can plan things well ahead. Joining this social program will also give you the chance to meet and network with ambitious and approachable academics from all around the world.

Price: Depends on the activity.

Open house days

We regularly organise an open house day for old and new students to get together, network, and practice their German while enjoying free drinks. Many students take this opportunity to re-register for the next level. In addition, we offer a free personalized German level test and information about our German courses and levels, about the ÖSD preparation course, and exam benefits. If you need advice on visa or university entrance language requirements, you can also get it from us on this day.

Information session Vienna university

Interested in studying in Vienna? In this information session, you will get all the essential information about the main universities in Vienna, and their German language entrance requirements. You will also receive compact information about cost of living, student housing, job search, and other essential and useful tips for your university life in Vienna. Bring all your questions and your friends! The session will only take place if at least six participants have registered. 

Walking tour in Vienna’s first district

A  walking tour is a great way to familiarize yourself with Vienna’s stunning first district. This entertaining and informative walking tour lasts 2.5 hours. In this tour you can expect to get an in-depth impression of the breathtakingly beautiful first district. Listen to insider stories told by experienced guides. You will end this tour with a good understanding of historical and cultural highlights of the Austrian history. Also available in German. Give a tip if you liked the tour. 

Waltz Workshop

In this 2-hour dance workshop you will learn the basics of dancing waltz. Put your best foot forward and feel the famous 3/4 time rhythm. An experienced dance instructor will teach you all you need to know to shine at your next social dance event. Bring comfortable shoes. The workshop will only take place if at least ten participants have registered. 

Concert at the Vienna Volksoper

The Vienna Volksoper (Vienna People's Opera) is a major opera house in Vienna, and the only one that also stages operettas, musicals and ballet. Here’s the good news: opera in Vienna is priced for everyone. If you don’t mind standing, tickets for €4 are nearly always available. Tell us early, and we’ll reserve your ticket. If you plan to visit Volksoper, you might want to pack some elegant clothes.

Frisbee and Picnic in Prater

What would be Vienna without Prater - nothing, we believe, which is why we love to visit the green heart of Vienna as often as possible. Join us for a pot-luck picnic and a game of frisbee in Prater. If you are the daring type, you might also want to take a ride with the Prater Tower - Vienna’s highest swing carousel (117 m) - just as the sun is setting. The trip will only take place if at least six participants have registered. 

Swimming in the Danube river

Together with your new friends and one of our teachers, take U6 or U1 to Donauinsel - a gigantic island in the middle of the river Danube. After a morning of intensive  studies, enjoy the greenery and the glistening blue Danube. You can even take a swim in the Donau and the Alte Donau - it is clean, safe and refreshing! The trip will only take place if at least six participants have registered. 

Excursion to Salzburg

Salzburg is a city full of history, cafés and world-class music, the birthplace of Mozart and venue for the Sound of Music. The surrounding region boasts majestic Alps, crystal-clear lakes, and rustic villages. Salzburg is also a great location if you want to ski, snowboard or try snow tubing. We help you organise your individual or group excursion to Salzburg including transport, accommodation and visiting program tailored to your interest. Just ask us about it at the reception. 

Goodbye Ceremony with your class

On your last course day, you will be awarded your course diploma and we will take a class pictures to create lasting memories of a special time in our lives. You will also be informed about upcoming courses, events, and special discounts.

Innes Vienna testimonial: Federica


Ciao a tutti, mi chiamo Federica e vengo da Roma. Sto frequentando il mio secondo corso di tedesco qui alla INNES, livello A2/1. Mi sono iscritta alla INNES su consiglio del mio ragazzo. Vi consiglio questa scuola perché gli insegnanti sono molto preparati, disponibili ma soprattutto perché ci sono ragazzi di diverse nazionalità. Vi aspettiamo. Benvenuti alla INNES.
Innes Vienna testimonial: Igor


Всем привет! Я приехал из России и я принимаю участие в Erasmus программе. Впервые, я пришел сюда 2 месяца назад в данную школу. И могу сказать, что это потрясающий опыт учиться здесь. Я здесь нашел друзей, я здесь нашел прекрасный круг общения, у нас преподает прекрасный преподаватель Татьяна. Спасибо Innes! Я буду определенно рекомендовать данное место своим друзьям. Спасибо INNES!
Innes Vienna testimonial: Abdullah


مرحبا. انا عبدالله الديوان من العراق ادرس في معهد انيس للغات الانجليزيه و الالمانيه. ادرس مرحله B1 اخترت هذا المعهد لكفائه المحاضرين و المدرسين الموجودين فيه. اوصيكم بزياره المعهد و الدراسه فيه كفائه المحاضرين و المدرسين. شكراً!
Innes Vienna testimonial: Berk


Merhaba,Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi Makina Mühendisliği öğrencisiyim. Erasmus programı kapsamında Viyana Teknik Üniversitesi’nde eğitimime devam etmekte ve aynı zamanda INNES Institute’de 4 aydır yoğunlaştırılmış Almanca kursu almaktayım.Gerek hocaların bilgi ve tecrübesi,gerekse derslerin interaktifliği ve doğrudan günlük hayata yönelik olması,ayrıca dünyanın dört bir yanından gelen insanlarla birlikte yeni kültürler tanımak ve eğlenirken Almanca öğrenmek isteyen herkese INNES’i kesinlikle tavsiye ederim.
Innes Vienna testimonial: Nils


Hej! Mitt namn är Nils Jonnerby, jag kommer från Sverige Luleå. Jag läser tyska A2/2 och tycker att INNES ett bra alternativ för att lära sig tyska, undervisningen är tydlig och väl strukturerad där det är lätt att hänga med i det relativt snabba tempot. Man får även god hjälp om man skulle behöva det. Jag valde INNES för att jag ska under den kommande hösten läsa en utbytestermin vid TU wien och blev via dem rekommenderad INNES. I min kurs är det ungefär 11 personer från alla olika länder och man binder mycket bra kontakter och vänner. Jag skulle rekommendera denna skola för att det är ett utmärkt sätt att lära sig tyska på, hitta vänner och samtidigt ha mycket tid över till att uppleva kulturen i Wien!
Innes Vienna testimonial: Judit


Sziasztok, A nevem Judit és Budapestről érkeztem Bécsbe. Egyelőre az A2.2-es intenzív német nyelvkurzust végeztem el az Innesben. Mindenkinek csak ajánlani tudom:) Itt sikerült megértenem, milyen is az igazán beszédorientált oktatás. Otthon több nyelvkurzuson is részt vettem több nyelvből. Összehasonlítva, az otthoni írás, az itteni beszédorientált. Itt szinte minden szóban zajlik, általában spontán.Minden csak németül. Szerintem nem kell hangsúlyoznom ennek a fontosságát a való életben.. Továbbá,az órák nagyon élvezetesek,rengeteg színes anyagot és vicces csapatfeladatot kapunk. A napi 3 óra szinte repül! Az oktató és a csapattagok is nagyon klasszak voltak,mindenkinek csak ajánlom az INNES!
Innes Vienna testimonial: Miljana


INNES Institut sam pronasla u internet pretraživanju od velikog nezadovoljna svakom skolom nemačkog jezika! Tu moja pretraga prestaje jer konačno postoji mesto gde se nemački jezik može savladati, i to jako uspešno! Na INNES Institutu pohadjala sam B1.2 i B2.1 intenzivne kurseve nemačkog jezika, a trenutno i B2.2 intenzivni kurs i planiram nastaviti i dalje nivoe jer sam jako zadovoljna znanjem koje se pruža i koncepcijom učenja kao i komunikacijom na kursevima! Uz to, divna je atmosfera i jako je ljubazan tim! Moja preporuka je odabrati INNES pre bilo koje druge skole jezika!
Innes Vienna testimonial: B2 German Student

B2 German Student

After finishing both B2 courses at Innes I can definitely recommend them to all those people who are hesitating about joining - DO IT! You'll enjoy lots of fun and your German will markedly improve at the same time. German courses at INNES were active and engaging yet relaxed and in a small group. Both office staff and teachers are professional and friendly. I'd definitely recommend INNES to someone wanting to learn German. With this school, one can easily gain a good portion of healthy confidence in utilizing German language in everyday life.


If you are not sure about your German language level, you should read this information carefully. We at INNES conform to the official and international standards set by ÖSD and CEFR.

In total, there are 5 levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1. Each level consists of 2 phases. In every INNES course (Intensive Course or Semester Course) you proceed 1 phase. So for example, to complete A1 level, you need two courses: A1/1 and A1/2. This means, by doing two intensive German language courses at INNES, you can complete one entire level. Please find below a user-friendly overview of the main can do's for each level.

Placement tests: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1


In order to complete the A1 level, you need to participate in two phases: A1/1 and A1/2. Level A1 is for participants with no or very little previous competence in the German language. After completing A1 level, you can:

  • Use the alphabet to spell words
  • Interact with others if they speak slowly and clearly
  • Say and understand very simple expressions and sentences from everyday life
  • Introduce yourself and others
  • Make and answer simple and personal questions, for example where you live, people you know and things you have
  • Write short and simple postcards or letters, fill in forms
  • Use receptive strategies, affective strategies, interaction strategies (asking for repetition or reformulation), memory strategies


In order to complete the A2 level, you need to participate in two phases: A2/1 and A2/2. You can start with A2/1 if you are able to fulfil all communicative actions as detailed in A1. After completing A2 level, you can:

  • Read and understand information from signs, catalogues, menus, timetables, and short letters or notes
  • Interact with others if they speak slowly and clearly
  • Understand and say simple expressions and sentences about topics that are familiar to you
  • Speak about family, other people, your living situation, your education, your profession, shopping, local geography and other matters of your immediate need
  • Write simple notes and short personal letters
  • Use receptive strategies, affective strategies, interaction strategies (asking for repetition or reformulation), memory strategies and social strategies


In order to complete the B1 level, you need to participate in two phases: B1/1 and B1/2. You can start with B1/1 if you are able to fulfil all communicative actions as detailed in A2. This is often a big “jump” for learners, as you are moving from being a basic user to becoming an independent user. After completing B1 level, you can:

  • Understand the main points in a conversation if Standard German is being spoken, and if the conversation is about familiar topics such as work, school, or free time
  • Understand the main points from TV and radio, if communicators speak slowly and clearly
  • Read and understand texts that contain common language from everyday life and the world of work
  • Read and understand private letters that contain information about recent happenings, feelings and wishes
  • Participate in a conversation about familiar topics
  • Say simple, connected sentences to express your experience, recent happenings, dreams, hopes and ambitions.
  • Briefly give reasons and explanations for your opinions and plans
  • Tell a story or report the plot of a book or movie and express your reaction to it
  • Communicate in most situations that a traveller would encounter, e.g. buying a ticket, asking for the way, making an invitation or reporting a problem
  • Write about topics that are of your personal interest
  • Write personal and semi-formal letters and speak about your experience and your impressions
  • Use receptive strategies, affective strategies, interaction strategies (asking for repetition or reformulation), memory strategies, social strategies, problem-solving strategies, production strategies, decision-making strategies


In order to complete the B2 level, you need to participate in two phases: B2/1 and B2/2. You can start with B2/1 if you are able to fulfil all communicative actions as detailed in B1. In Austria, you need to reach B2 level in order to enroll in a university. After completing B2 level, you can:

  • Understand the main point of long and complex texts (concrete and abstract), including complex argumentation, given that your are somewhat familiar with the topic
  • Understand television programs and movies, as long as Standard German is being used
  • Speak spontaneously and fluently, so that a ‘normal’ conversation with a native speaker is possible
  • Participate actively in discussions about familiar topics to represent and argue your viewpoints
  • Explain the answer to a question and discuss advantages and disadvantages
  • Write clear and detailed texts, especially argumentative essays or reports
  • Write personal and formal letters in which you explain your opinion about certain topics and describe your personal experience
  • Use receptive strategies, affective strategies, interaction strategies (asking for repetition or reformulation), memory strategies, social strategies, problem-solving strategies, production strategies, decision-making strategies


In order to complete the C1 level, you need to participate in two phases: C1/1 and C1/2. You can start with C1/1 if you are able to fulfil all communicative actions as detailed in B2. After completing C1 level, you can:

  • Understand with ease virtually everything heard or read, including a wide range of demanding, longer clauses
  • Recognize implicit meaning
  • Summarize information from different spoken and written sources and construct arguments in a coherent presentation
  • Express yourself spontaneously, fluently and precisely without much obvious searching for expressions
  • Use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes
  • Write clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects, showing controlled use of organizational patterns, connectors and cohesive devices
  • Use receptive strategies, affective strategies, interaction strategies (asking for repetition or reformulation), memory strategies, social strategies, problem-solving strategies, production strategies, decision-making strategies

Still not sure about your level?

Do the placement tests: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or contact us for a personal level test at the INNES office.