INNES Institute Vienna

We at INNES care about empowering our students to develop the German language skills and academic knowledge they need for pursuing their life and career goals. Expect high-quality German language courses, life-enriching academic short courses (regular and customized), individual support, a great location, qualified and passionate instructors and an international and diverse community of learners. INNES is the bridge to your future!

Our partners include TU Wien, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, German schools worldwide, local and global businesses, and Departments of German Studies and Linguistics worldwide. We cooperate with interns from the University of Vienna and the Harvard Work Abroad Program.

ÖSD Exam Preparation Workshop
EUR 180
  • 2-day workshop (Friday+Saturday)
  • 9-12 am
  • Starts every month
  • Includes excellent materials
  • Efficient preparation for ÖSD, focus on writing and speaking tasks
ÖSD German Language Exam
EUR 100-200
  • Friendly ÖSD test center
  • A1-A2-B1-B2-C1
  • Every month
  • Register 3 weeks before
  • ÖSD prep workshops available