German Language Courses Vienna

German Language Courses

Learn German fast and effectively with other skilled and motivated learners. Achieve success by developing your German in-class or LIVE online for your career, university studies or just because you love languages like we do. Make tangible progress with our friendly and individual learning support. At our cosy institute, every day becomes a successful learning day.

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German Summer Camp

German Summer Camp

Combine studying German and experiencing Austrian culture together with other students in Vienna. ActiLingua Academy , part of the Language Exploring Group just like INNES, organizes the most famous German Language Youth Summer Camp in Austria. You will not only learn German, but also experience summer in Vienna and Austria, meet young people from different cultures, and have a fantastic time in a safe and sound environment. Anyone between the ages of 13 and 17 can take part in/ join this course.

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Customized Programs

Customized Academic Programs

INNES is the leading provider of customized programs in Austria. Based on our longstanding experience, we organise cutting-edge academic programs that can earn students valuable ECTS towards their degree, engaging German language group courses for school groups and university groups, as well as professional German teacher training.

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INNES Warriors Gallery

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Vlad
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial

Vlad came to Vienna one year ago, in order to do his master’s in marketing. As a fresh member of Innes since spring, he is currently completing his C1.1 course. It has always been his dream to live and work in Vienna. Therefore, he is highly ambitious to improve his German skills, which is definitely noticeable due to his improvements compared to spring. Moreover, Vlad is yet starting to understand his friends from Salzburg reasonably well, although they sometimes speak with a dialect. But nowadays, this dialect should not be called a language barrier anymore. To achieve his goals, Vlad has worked with a lot of vengeance and had therefore designed his own learning strategies, which include a lot of little sub-goals like reading the Austrian Newspaper or getting better in grammar issues. He can imagine living in Vienna very well. There are a lot of appealing arguments to him, such as sitting by the Danube or visiting Schönbrunn, , which make him feel very comfortable.

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Sophie Wardle
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial

Sophie joined INNES (online) after moving to Zell am See. Living in Austria offers her all the aspects of life that she most enjoys and allows her to fulfil her passion skiing and ski instruction. The main issue working in a predominantly tourist town is that everyone happily reverts to English when foreigners’ German runs out. Frustrated by this and having some basic grasp after working in Austria, she started with A1.2 at INNES with Tatyana. She absolutely loved the classes and really felt that, with Tatyana’s guidance (and lots of homework to practise!) she improved a lot. A1.2 gave her the foundations that she was lacking before and really boosted her confidence when talking to locals (despite trying to navigate their tricky dialect!) Sophie cannot imagine living anywhere else and in these tough times and with the job market ever changing, having the local language has never been more important. Sophie chose to continue with her language learning and progress to A2.1 as she has opt

Sophie Wardle
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Zorana
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial

I have taken A2/2 and B1/1 course at Innes and was extremely satisfied with the delivery of the course. What I liked the most is that we were forced to talk all the time. We were given some practical tasks as well, for example, asking people for directions, what made us interfere with the locals and experience the language. Both my groups were small, and we were mainly using German during the breakes.

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Elena
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial

Mein herzlicher Dank geht an das INNES Institute Vienna. Dank ihrer Methoden und Fähigkeiten lernte ich während 2 Monaten (Level A2.2 und B1.1.) Grammatikregeln, bereicherte mein Vokabular und begann fließender zu sprechen. Jetzt kann ich mit meinen Freunden und Kollegen auf Deutsch sprechen. Ich bin glücklich, weil ich mich für INNES entschieden habe und ich kann es jedem empfehlen, der Deutsch lernen möchte oder bereits einige Kenntnisse besitzt.

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Harriet
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial

I chose to do both a German B2.2 course and the ÖSD B2.2 exam at INNES and am really happy with my decision. The school has a modern approach, the staff members are helpful and friendly, and the atmosphere is professional yet relaxed. It really feels different to other language schools I've attended, partly due to familiar feeling you get from the staff and just the atmosphere of the space, but also because of the lessons, which are captivating and useful.

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Emma
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial

I took the B2.1 evening course and it was truly the best course I took in Wien. It was also the best language course I have ever taken. The hospitality and happiness you feel just by entering Innes, is not like anything else. I have made friends for life here and learnt so much German. My best and dear teacher Nikola encouraged us all to learn, adapt to Viennese culture and understand the German language.

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Laura
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial

Ich habe A2/2 und B1/1 Kurs besucht. Meiner Meinung nach INNES Institute Vienna ist sehr positiv. Ich danke vor allem an Frau Astrid für die Organisation und ihre Professionalität. Sie ist sehr freundlich, hilfsbereit und sie hat unsere Notwendigkeiten verstanden. Das Unterrichten war immer anregend (nicht stressig oder langweilig). Sie hat uns Hausaufgaben gegeben, so wir auch zu Haus der Unterricht noch einmal durchgehen konnten. Ich habe auch viel Spaß gehabt.

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Borislav
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial

My wife has been to 3 different institutions and it seems like she fell in love with INNES. The speed and the approach of studying can be quite challenging, and the classes are clearly structured. Hence, it is possible to accomplish the levels in a fast manner and to improve German skills with huge progress in a relatively short time. Thank you, INNES, for this wonderful experience!

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Adilson Alberto Moyses
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial

Adilson defended his Master in Industrial Engineering at the Zaragoza University today. Big step in his life and we are happy to share it with him and celebrate with a bottle of an incredible "Atmosphéres Jo Landron" natural sparkling vine from Loire Region (France). He is just completing his C1 German language Course at INNES and is ready to go for his dream: living for some time in Vienna, enjoying the country and culture and making his professional experiences. The most important tool for him "to belong" is almost in his pocket - high German level proficiency. We wish him a lot of luck on his way. (By the way, photo was taken by another INNES warrior, Liliana)

Adilson Alberto Moyses
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Michael Holton
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial

Michael Holton Jr. Hight: 190cm | Position: Guard | Birthplace: Portland, USA Currently Playing in Lille (France) ÖSD Exam: excellent | His German: wonderful Michael graduated in Psychology and MBA. His passion and profession: Basketball. Few days ago he entered our institute and now he is proud owner of ÖSD certificate confirming his excellent level of German. It is exciting meeting so many wonderful, openminded and interesting people at INNES, every day. We love listening their stories, knowing more about their plans, hopes and challenges. Being privileged supporting them for a short time on their way and sharing our good energy, advise and expertise with them, makes us happy.

Michael Holton
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from barbara
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial

This is our friend Barbara. She wants to live in a world filled with smart grid technologies, progressive innovation and carbon free solutions. All wrapped up with an endless supply of chocolate (we think latest here you must be her fan). As an electrical engineer since 2008 (with a MSc since 2010), born and raised in wonderful South Africa, her engineering journey has taken her from the depths of a coal fired power station to discovering solutions to improve the performance of the electrical network. While quenching her thirst for adventure and searching for new challenges , she relocated to Austria where she is now a research engineer. In her opinion, the best part about being an engineer is the opportunity to discover and learn something new every day. When she is not performing network simulations, coding in Python or researching smart grid technologies, you can find her chasing the sun, traveling the world or training for her next cycling race. Barbara took several German course

Innes Vienna Institute testimonial from Liliana
Innes Vienna Institute testimonial

And here she is, Liliana from Hungary. She almost has complete C1 level in her pocket. At the end of July she will take C1 ÖSD exam at our institute. She is speaking really nice German with a lot of feeling for the language. Her plan: start studying physics at the University of Vienna in October. Save this story, she will be one of the next Nobel Prize winners. The guy next to her? It is her INNES shadow, our Learning Progress Coach, Georg. Learning Progress Coach? Never heard about it before? Of course not, only at INNES we are monitoring our course participants learning progress systematically and consequently during the whole training period. Why? 60% learning success doesn´t make us happy, we are striving for 100%. You remember: If you are not first, you are last!


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