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12 x 90 Minutes - dates and times to be agreed with the group
02.12.2019. 22.01.2020. 220€
A1/1 Compact Online German Course
  • Flexible days and times
  • Distance learning
  • Max. 4-6 participants
  • Fast learning progress
  • Course material included

What is Compact Online German Language Course?

This intensive distance German Language Course helps you to reach A1.1 German language level within only two months.  A distance online course combined with homework and self study makes it possible to complete the relevant content of A1.1 level within a short period of time. It is a great alternative to the traditional one-to-one training - in the live session the group communicates with the teacher in a real-time. It is the ideal solution which makes distance learning with the native speaker possible.

This course takes place twice per week, days can be adapted in coordination with the group members. Times are coordinated with the group as well.

What do you need to participate in the online live classes?

Computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a working internet connection, micro and webcam (mostly integrated), headphones.

How do we cover a whole A1.1 level in two months?

We follow the 5 compact steps method:

#1 Warm-up and clarification of all questions

#2 Compact explanation of grammar point(s) in a relevant context

#3 Controlled practice of new grammar point(s) and new vocabulary

#4 Free practice of new grammar point(s) and new vocabulary

#5 Homework and checking your solutions with your answer key

In each session you will cover two new grammar points and a rich collection of vocabulary. After the introduction you will practice the new grammar point and the new vocabulary written and spoken. During the week, you complete several homework tasks related to the content you covered in class, and you also receive the answer key so that no time is spent in class with checking the answers. You always do have, however, sufficient time to clarify any questions at the beginning of each session. Each week you have to allocate approximately 4 hours for completing homework tasks. So with 22 units contact time and home study, you have enough time to thoroughly study a complete level. 

Course materials

In your Compact Online German Language Course you will learn German by using a coursebook (scanned documents) and a variety of specially selected supplemental materials. Coursebook and all supplemental materials are included in the course fee.

Each meetings is recorded, so even if you miss one, you can have later a look or just use the recording to practice.

Course Certificate  | Confirmation of Participation  | ECTS

Upon successful completion of your Compact German Language Course, you receive a A1.1 course certificate (4 ECTS Credits) as an internationally recognized proof of your course success. 

We make every day a successful learning day!

Schedule Begin End Price Register
12 x 90 Minutes - dates and times to be agreed with the group
02.12.2019. 22.01.2020. 220€