German Course for BREXIT Refugees
  • For UK citizens moving to Austria
  • Monday to Thursday
  • 9:15-12
  • Free course book & certificate
  • Small groups

Welcome to our Beginner German course for BREXIT Refugees! This course is specifically for learners from the United Kingdom who don’t want to wait for their government to decide about their lives, and instead, start all over in Vienna, Austria!

A 4-week Intensive German Language Course at INNES Institute Vienna  is the best option for you, if you aim to improve your German level quickly and efficiently. In this course we will provide you not only with the basics of the German language but also teach you how to navigate Austrian Culture. In addition, in this class you can count on extra support with your German pronunciation and speaking skills! With interactive and fun phonetic exercises, especially tailored to English-native speakers' needs, you will soon be chatting away in German with Vienna locals as if Brexit never happened.

Why is a German course at INNES ideal for BREXIT refugees?

German learners love our small group sizes, our individual support and our highly qualified and friendly teachers – an environment that allows for an engaging, personalized and successful German learning journey. Studying at INNES also means being part of an international community of ambitious and diverse learners: students, professionals and other participants who are skilled learners. If necessary, we also help out with learning strategies! The course book and all supplemental materials are included in the course fee. Your course always takes place from Monday to Thursday, mornings from 9:15 -12. 

At INNES, quality and professionality matter. We work exclusively with qualified and passionate teachers, first-class materials and dynamic and engaging methods so that you can learn German in a personalised way. All teachers are using communication-oriented and interactive methods that allow students to be constantly active and experiment with new language. Our teachers will create regular progress tests for you, in order to guarantee your learning progress.

In your Intensive German Language Course you will learn German by using a course book and a variety of specially selected supplemental materials. For A1-B1 courses you work with the course book Menschen, and from B2 onwards with the course book Anspekte. Course book and all supplemental materials are included in the course fee.


You can register online, on the telephone or in person at our office. All our Intensive German Language Courses at INNES are available to learners above the age of 16. Even though the majority of our learners is between 20 and 30, we do cover all ages including 70+.

Overview of all your benefits

    -We offer ECTS Credits (approved by TU Wien)
    -We partner with established universities (TU Wien, Universität für Angewandte Kunst)
    -Proven high-quality courses (see testimonials on Google)
    -Study among skilled, motivated, international learners (average age 20-40)
    -Get extra speaking practice in all courses
    -Friendly and individual support
    -Communicative coffee breaks for relaxed networking

    -Top Quality management for your learning success and satisfaction
    -ÖSD exam center

    Some call it Europe, we call it home … At our cosy institute, every day becomes a successful learning day.