(ÖIF ) Integration Courses and Exam
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(ÖIF) Integration Courses for Skilled Learners 

INNES Integration Course contains preparation for the ÖIF exam “Values and Orientational Know-how”. If you already have A1 level of your German language skills, you need two months of an intensive course (about 120 lesson units) in order to attain level A2.

The ÖIF A2 exam must be completed within 18 months in order to receive the grant from the government of € 2.50 per lesson unit (up to a maximum of EUR 750) from the ÖIF. 

In addition to the ÖIF voucher, you can also redeem a “Wiener Sprachgutschein” (Vienna Language Voucher) from the Immigration Office MA 35 in the amount of EUR 100  (or EUR 50) for each course block,

That comes out to about EUR 365 for an intensive course, one whole level (two months) you have to cover on your own.

Example calculation:

Morning Intensive German Language Course

1 course level – 8-week intensive course, Monday to Thursday, 9:15-12:00 EUR 760

ÖIF reimbursement – EUR 295

1 Vienna language voucher – EUR 100

Deductible rate per level thus: EUR 395.

ÖIF integration exam

INNES a certified institution for your integration exam certified by the Austrian Integration Fund. Dates on request, price EUR 180.00 (INNES students EUR 150.00).


Please check with us in person in the office and bring your vouchers and passport with you.