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  • Speaking - Grammar - Vocabulary

Gaby Thomson Wohlgemuth, your personal German Language Trainer

Gaby was born and grew up in Vienna. She obtained a degree as a teacher of English and also studied the piano and then taught both. After falling in love with England, she moved there and worked there as a German teacher for 26 years. She worked in schools, at universities, in companies and also gained a Doctorate in Translation Studies. Although having always been interested in languages, Gaby began to analyse German when she started to teach it and saw how logical and structured the language was in comparison to other languages. “Teaching German was eye-opening; I had no idea how fascinating my mother tongue actually was!” Gaby now tries to bring her enthusiasm for German into her teaching, hoping that - despite all the effort that has to go into learning a new language - her students will also discover the beauty of this language.

LIVE online expertise: all levels | grammar |conversation| writing training

In-Classroom expertise: all levels | grammar | conversation | writing training

What is LIVE Online German Personal Training?

This LIVE personal training is one-to-one training - in your live session, you communicate with your teacher in a real-time video lesson from the comfort of your own home or office. It is the ideal solution which combines learning foreign language with your busy schedule or home office.

What do I need to participate in online live classes?

1. Computer, laptop, tablet or a phone with a working internet connection

2. Webcam

3. Microphone

What will I learn? 

The LIVE classroom setting is highly efficient for learning languages. You can decide whether you will focus on improving your speaking skills, listening or pronunciation or rather focus more on grammar, reading or writing. Your trainer will help you to improve your overall communicative abilities and become a fluent, confident communicator.

How to book my personal training?

You can book a package by sending an email to [email protected] with the following information: start, level/purpose and the name of your personal trainer.
2. how many times per week.
3. preferred CET time between 7:30 and 19:30.

THE TIME IS NOW - PACKAGE: 10 LIVE online lessons (5 meetings á 90 minutes): EUR 650
LIFE IS CHANGE - PACKAGE: 20 LIVE online lessons (10 meetings á 90 minutes) EUR 1.200

YOU ARE WORTH IT - PACKAGE: 40 LIVE online lessons EUR 2.200