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4 Saturdays  In-Classroom German Course
  • Motivated Course Participants
  • Small Groups
  • Fast Learning Progress
  • 22 Teaching units á 45 Minutes
  • On Saturdays 10 am to 2.30 pm

This intensive Saturday German Language Course helps you to reach your targeted German language level within only 4 weekends.  An intensive input combined with homework and self study makes it possible to complete the relevant contents of each level within a month. Weekend German Language Courses take place once per week on Saturdays, always from 10 am to 2.30 pm, with a 20 minutes break in between.

We know how to cover a whole level with 4 extensive session

A typical Saturday German Language Course follows 5 compact steps:

1 Warm-up and clarification of all questions

2 Compact explanation of grammar point(s) in a relevant context

3 Controlled practice of new grammar point(s) and new vocabulary

4 Free practice of new grammar point(s) and new vocabulary

5 Homework and checking your solutions with your answer key

One Saturday session lasts 5 teaching units. In each session you will cover at least 3 new grammar points and a rich collection of vocabulary. After the introduction you will practice the new grammar point and the new vocabulary written and spoken. During the week, you complete several homework tasks related to the content you covered in class, and you also receive the answer key so that no time is spent in class with checking the answers. You always do have, however, sufficient time to clarify any questions at the beginning of each session. Each week you have to allocate approximately 8 hours for completing all homework tasks. So with 22 units contact time and 32 units home study, you have enough time to thoroughly study a complete level in only one month. 

Who are your classmates?

German learners love our small group sizes, our individual support and our highly qualified and friendly teachers. Weekend German Language Courses have on average 6 participants, allowing  for an engaging, personalized and successful German learning journey. Studying at INNES also means being part of an international community of ambitious, multilingual learners. The Weekend courses are particularly suitable for working professionals, who have no time during the week to participate in a course.

Our Teacher Team

We work exclusively with qualified and passionate teachers, first-class materials and dynamic and engaging methods so that you can learn German in a personalized way. All teachers are using communication-oriented and interactive methods that allow students to be constantly active and experiment with new language. Our teachers will create regular progress tests for you, in order to guarantee your learning progress.

Course materials

In your Saturday German Language Course you will learn German by using a coursebook. For A1|A2|B1 courses you work with the coursebook Menschen, and from B2 onwards with the coursebook Aspekte Neu.

Which level is right for you?  I Placement Test

If you are not sure which course level is appropriate for you, complete this placement test. If you are still not sure, talk to us! Email us at, give us a call at +43 1 890 65 85, or stop by our institute for a quick personal level assessment.


You can register online on this webpage, on the telephone or in person at our office.

Course Certificate  |  Confirmation of Participation  | ECTS | Save Paper
Upon successful completion of your course, you will receive a digital course certificate (4 ECTS), as an internationally recognized proof of your knowledge of German. If you prefer picking up your certificate printed at our institute, please calculate the costs of EUR 3 or if you want us to send you the paper version by post EUR 5.

In case of non-participation in the progress tests, ECTS points cannot be granted. Nevertheless, you will receive a confirmation of participation for the hours and lessons you have completed. Please consider that you are welcome to compensate for missed lessons by means of self-study.

We make every day a successful learning day!

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