Customized Academic Programs
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Customized Learning Solutions in Vienna

INNES can enhance your students or staff learning experience, by taking them abroad and bringing the curriculum to life. With academic short programs developed according to your wishes, participants not only acquire new knowledge, but they also gain credits towards their degree and experience a different culture and way of life.

Our CAP team works with you to develop a course design that meet your institution's specific academic requirements, while saving your time, energy and resources. We take care of all pre-departure information, on-site logistics and organization so that your main focus can be on the teaching.

Whether you want to offer a course taught by your own faculty members or cooperate with external lecturers organized by INNES and based on your area of interest, we provide the support, resources, and flexibility needed to create your own customized program in Vienna.

What is a Customized Academic Program (CAP)?

At INNES, we understand that each of our partners has their individual needs. You have two options: You can take advantage of our extensive infrastructure and base your CAP program on existing INNES course designs and social program packages. Alternatively, you can discuss with us what you are looking for, and together we can build a unique education program exactly the way you want it.

We assist participants with every aspect of their study trip, including accommodation, transportation, social activities, etc. Simply tell us what you need, and we will make it happen. We guarantee that your students will receive an original and memorable learning and personal experience in Vienna.

Our Service

We offer two primary models: Faculty-led Programs and INNES Custom Programs. Whichever you choose, we will help you define your objectives and develop affordable solutions.

Faculty-Led Program


Faculty-led programs take advantage of INNES´s local academic expertise and logistical infrastructure while accommodating your program's learning objectives. We help you design and implement a program that meets your specific needs, from orientation and housing to curricular support and cultural activities. Faculty-led programs are performed only by your own lecturers or both, by your own and local lecturers for the requested topic.


INNES Custom Programs


You want to send a group of students abroad with minimal customization by your own staff? Perhaps your faculty is unable to go abroad for a full term? We will take care of it. Simply select the customized aspects, and we'll find qualified lecturers.



Why work with us?

There are a number of reasons why you should let INNES take care of your Customized Academic Program abroad.

Excellent location

Our institute is based in the center of Vienna, right in the heart of Europe. Vienna is a stunningly beautiful city that boasts many museums, parks and galleries – there is always somewhere to go or something new to see. INNES Institute has a great location in one of Vienna’s most vibrant neighborhoods, easily accessible by public transport, right next to charming Karlsplatz. Classrooms are bright and modern and students find the INNES learning environment inspiring and motivating.

Talented lecturers

INNES works with dedicated and excellent lecturers from accredited universities around the world. Our strong academic framework attracts students and engages them in every aspect of the learning process. We offer quality resources and an appropriate study space for successful learning.


With a Customized Academic Program, you have the option to choose when the program will take place and for how long. It can be as short as a few weeks, or as long as a year – it is completely up to you. We strive to do everything that we can in order to give you exactly what you require from a custom made learning program. Our experienced and friendly management will ensure that your students have a positive intercultural experience.

Good value for money

We offer a price that can be adjusted to meet the financial possibilities of your school and participants. We endeavor to find the best deals to make the overall cost as low as possible for you. In return you will receive a program exclusively designed to meet your needs, on-site support and the best possible teaching quality.

Experience and reputation

Over the years, INNES has organized an extensive portfolio of high-quality customized programs. Please find below some examples.


OSCE – Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

Government Communications and the Language of Public Administration

This program provided a fascinating introduction to the theory and practice of government communications, and helped participants to develop practical skills for the production and delivery of written and spoken government texts. As an applied English language course, participants explored how English is used in the context of government and public administration, and learned how to communicate effectively in these settings. The program was not just classroom based, it included a variety of study excursions, including a walking tour of Austrian Federal Ministries in Vienna, a tour of the United Nations Vienna Headquarters, a meeting with officials at the Austrian Parliament, and visits to international organizations such as OPEC and the European Fundamental Rights Agency. From government genre analysis and vocabulary development to the preparation of ministerial speeches, official correspondence, written briefings and press releases, a wide range of skills and topics were covered during this program.


University of Tokyo Japan

Sustainable Policy & Practice in Vienna

Study Abroad Program for Global Education for Innovation & Leadership Students


Vienna is one of Europe’s leading cities in sustainable transformations. This study abroad program introduced the foundations of sustainability science with an emphasis on policy and practice in Vienna. Upon completion, participants developed a strong understanding of concepts, issues, and actions in contemporary Sustainability Science, specifically in relation to sustainable urban waste, building design, energy and efficiency. Emphasis was also placed on understanding the policy and practice of sustainability from case studies in Vienna and more broadly the history and economics of sustainable development. Throughout the program, participants were able to gain valuable insights of sustainable development in practice and policy making through visiting leading international institutions directly in Vienna. In addition to this rich content, participants could also develop their academic skills including analytical reading, academic writing in English as well as communications skills to influence and engage in relevant debates.


Cedar Crest College, USA – Faculty led program

Pan-European Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

The Cedar Crest College Pan-European Creative Writing MFA program regularly offers gifted students from around the world a unique opportunity to unite for fifteen-day intensive workshops in Vienna. They study fiction, poetry, nonfiction, travel writing, or a dual genre with award-winning faculty members while exploring the city in Europe: Vienna. As students work towards the completion of their master’s degree and the creation of a publishable work of literature, they take advantage of doing so in a location rich in culture and literary significance. This program is always combined with an intensive Social Program including not only visits to cultural places of interest such as Burgtheater, Musikverein, Schönbrunn, traditional breweries and museums, but also with trips within Austria and to neighboring countries such as Slovakia or Hungary. To round things off, INNES organizes a delicious daily on-site catering serving to all dietary needs. 

Ochanomizu University, Japan

IoT - BigData - Cloud – Security


This course was designed to develop students‘ indepth understanding of four basic terms: IoT - BigData - Cloud – Security. If we speak today of the Internet of Things, the new concept is already an Internet of Everything. With an expected number of 40 billion devices in 2020, another issue is of great importance: BigData. A lot of data is provided by the billions devices, evaluated and drastically affecting our privacy. Privacy and data protection, therefore, are a major challenge in the 21st century, also termed as the age of the fourth industrial revolution. As a result, the vast amounts of data will be stored in dedicated data centers - in the cloud. It goes without saying that the issue of security is directly linked in many shades. In a hitherto unprecedented extent, changes from perimeter-security to so-called edge-security will take place here, which means that it is no longer necessary to isolate a local network, but to secure the devices wherever they are, whether in the private environment or in a production-line of a smart factory. This program covered the development of these topics over the next few years and prepared participants for the challenges of the next decade. Like most INNES customized program, the academic study was complemented with a varied and fun Social program.


Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Egypt

College of Engineering – Department of Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design

Climate Friendly Buildings.

In this course developed by INNES, participants learned about the interaction between outdoor and indoor climate and its impact to the building’s shape, material, energy and user, with the purpose to be able to analyses the thermal functionality of buildings: new and existing ones, high-tech, low-tech and no-tech. During the project participants experienced the integrated design approach for the thermal and ecological optimization building. After this program the participants were sensitized for the wisdom that lies in our building tradition and be motivated to find energy sufficient solutions for the buildings of the future. This program was comprised of more than 80 participants, lasting two weeks. We visited Burgtheater, Technical Museum, Erste Bank Campus, University of Business Administration Campus and several building plants.

European Academic Center Tbilisi, Georgia

German Language Teacher Training

Lust auf Lehren und Lernen: DaF Weiterbildung


Our experienced teacher trainer Astrid held a 10 day-training course for German teachers from Georgia. The tailor-made course combined further language training for the teachers, input on “Landeskunde” (cultural and regional studies), and further training in methodology and didactics, with a specific focus on practical communication strategies for teacher-student interaction and activating methods for motivating young learners to improve all four skills. This emphasis was chosen after a pre-course survey with the participants. A full training script was provided and teachers had the opportunity to not only refresh their knowledge but to actively practice and apply all theoretical knowledge, so that they could return to their classrooms motivated and equipped with new useful concepts and practical ideas. INNES also organized a guided visit to an Austrian grammar school and participants even had the opportunity to sit in on and learn from a number German courses in our institute. The 10-day academic program was complemented by an airport transfer, accommodation in walking distance, full catering and a selected social program including a guided visit through Schönbrunn and other top sights in Vienna.