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What is German To Go?

Online Live German Learning is the time-saving alternative to the traditional one-to-one training - in your live session, you communicate with your teacher in a real-time video lesson from the comfort of your own home or office. It is the ideal solution which combines learning German with your busy schedule or with the distance from the German-speaking countries.

What do I need to participate in online live classes?

1. Computer, laptop, tablet or a phone with a working internet connection

2. Webcam

3. Microphone

What will I learn and do I get a certificate for the course?

The live classroom setting is great for learning German. You can decide whether you will focus on improving your speaking skills, listening or pronunciation or rather focus more on grammar, reading or writing. You are a complete beginner and want to start learning? No Problem, let´s start now. 

Or maybe you want to prepare for a specific goal (such as reaching any level of German (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or Business German), preparing for the ÖSD German exam or a job interview). The aim is to improve your overall communicative abilities and become a fluent, confident communicator.

When you finish each level with INNES you will receive a language certificate. Our certificates are issued in accordance with the CEFR and accepted by many institutions worldwide.

How to book your lessons?

1. Choose your lesson time (please note, it is Central European Time), date, and the number of hours in our booking calendar.

2. Select your level: beginner - intermediate-advanced.

3. Tell us if you have any special wishes about the lesson focus.

Want to learn more German faster?

First lesson EUR 35 (45 Minutes), any further lesson EUR 45. Or you can book a package:

BASIC PACKAGE 10 live lessons (5 meetings á 90 minutes): EUR 415
ADVANCED PACKAGE 20 live lessons (10 meetings á 90 minutes) EUR 800

PREMIUM PACKAGE 40 live lessons EUR 1.500 (40 sessions are enough to complete a half of one course level.

You can book the package by sending an email to [email protected] with following information:

- training start and level

- how many times per week

- preferred CET (Central European) times.

Do you intend to study at University in Vienna, Austria?

Only if you have proof of German knowledge at A2 level, you can apply for the addmission in an Austrian University, after that you  will need  to pass C1 - your ultimate ticket to matriculate as a fully entitled student.

Online Live Learning is a great opportunity for you to complete A2 from wherever in the world you are, You can start any time and reach A2 level even as a complete beginner within 5-6 months given a regular study rhythm of approximately 3 x 90 minutes Live Online Learning as individual Training (max. two participants), complemented with daily 60-90 minutes self-study.

We make every day a successful learning day!

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