Online Live German Learning for Groups
  • Interactive live learning platform
  • For groups of 6 to 20 participants
  • Flexible schedule
  • All levels
  • Effective Teaching Method

What is Online Live German Language Learning?

Online Live German Learning is a great alternative to the traditional one-to-one training - in your live session you communicate with your teacher in a real-time video lesson. It is the ideal solution which makes learning German with the native speaker possible despite to the distance from the German speaking countries.

What do I need to participate in the online live classes?

Computer, laptop, tablet or videobeamer with a working internet connection, at least one microphone and one camera.

What will I learn?

The live classroom setting is great for learning German. You can decide whether you will focus on improving your speaking skills, listening or pronunciation or rather focus more on grammar, reading or writing. You are complete beginner and want to start learning? No Problem, let´s start now. 

Or maybe you want to prepare for a specific goal (such as reaching any level of German (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or Business German), preparing the ÖSD German exam, for the university or a job interview). The aim is to improve overall communicative abilities and become a fluent, confident communicator.

How to book your lessons:

Please send us a message to info(at) with the number of participants, number of lessons, start date and preferred times.