LIVE Online German, English, Spanish,  French and Italian Courses for Companies
  • Tailor-Made Language Courses
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Tailored to Company Needs
  • Progress Reports
  • Individual or Group

LIVE online language training for your company

Language training by INNES addresses the needs of your organization. We develop language courses that are specific to the context of your business and the language targets of your employees. Each course participant is given individual attention and is supported throughout the course, and we ensure that course evaluation is used to adjust future lessons.

Five steps to success

1. Needs Analysis
We listen to your wishes and determine the group size and course structure and format. You tell us about the learning requirement.
2. Placement check
We conduct a quick online placement check to identify the language level of each participant.
3. Course design
Based on your company’s goals and demands, we develop the course syllabus and the lessons can start.
4. Quality management
Both during and after the training, we closely watch the quality of the training and the satisfaction of the participants. This is done via quick online feedback.
5. Progress tutorials
At the end of the course, each employee has a personal progress tutorial. This evaluates their performance and comments on the strengths as well as areas to work on.

Our trainers and teaching methods
Interactivity and communication are central to our lessons. All INNES instructors are experienced and qualified teachers and they know how to bring out the best in the participants. Their lessons are carefully prepared with relevant content and the learning atmosphere is relaxed yet productive. The training is personalized and motivates your employees to take active charge.

Each LIVE online German/English language course is strongly influenced by the results of the needs analysis. Possible focus areas of your course are:

•    Conversation in German, English, Spanish,  French, Italian or any other language
•    Vocabulary expansion
•    Improving understanding
•    Pronunciation
•    Grammar
•    Small talk
•    Writing emails
•    Phone calls
•    Customer Service.

Prices and Packages

Group Training per 60 minutes

up to 5

EUR 75


EUR 90


EUR 105

Individual training

EUR 55 per 45 Minutes

For further questions about corporate lessons at your company please contact Mitar Pitzek, Director of Studies on +43 1 890 65 85 or via email.

LIVE Online Learning - You are worth it.