University Language Preparation Program
  • 3 whole levels in 6 months
  • Flexible starting dates
  • ÖSD Training and Exam
  • Personal weekly tutorials
  • Complete Language Preparation

Learn German to study at an Austrian, German or Swiss University

In order to be accepted to an Austrian university you need to prove that your German language knowledge corresponds to C1 level according to the CEFR. The INNES University Language Preparation Program includes everything you need in order to fulfill these entry requirements.

Program contents

  • 6 Intensive German Language Courses over a period of 6-12 months* 
  • ÖSD exam and certificate for your targeted level 
  • Weekly German conversation class
  • Weekly 30 minutes personal tutorial 
  • Weekly progress report
  • Coursebooks and additional materials are included
  • Support with finding accommodation and navigating life in Vienna

The total cost for the package: EUR 3.600 and has to be paid at once.

Limited Number of Participants

The number of students in the university language preparation program is limited to only 10 students per month.

Quality for you

Deciding for the University German Language Preparation Program means that you join an international community of motivated German learners who love to learn and expand their opportunities in life. Expect high academic standards, qualified and dedicated teachers, excellent methods and materials, as well as a pleasant and focused learning space in the center of Vienna – an environment that allows for an engaging, personalized and successful German learning journey. Compared to other mainstream institutions preparing international students’ German for university, with INNES you can count on a personalized treatment, constant support, and a tangible learning progress.

Course Content and Method

At the core of your University German Language Preparation Program in Vienna you will take a sequence of 6 Intensive German Language Courses. These courses take place every month, always from Monday to Thursday in the morning, 3 hours each day (9.15-12 noon). All teachers are using communication-oriented and interactive methods that allow students to be constantly active and experiment with new language. Our teachers will create regular progress tests for you, in order to guarantee your learning progress. In your Intensive German Language Courses you will learn German by using a coursebook and a variety of specially selected supplemental materials. All material costs, as well as a printed certificate for each level, are included in your German language University Preparation package.

Progress check
To make sure your progress corresponds to the official international standards for language learning, you will complete an achievement test after completing your A-level and your B-level courses. After taking these tests, you will discuss your results with your personal tutor. 

Participation requirement

In order to complete C1 level within 6 months, you need to start at B1 level. In our experience, it is realistic for a determined learner to reach C1 level after an intensive study period of 6 months (and thus, approx. 400 hours of classroom study). This means, in 6 months you can cover a maximum of three CEFR levels (B1-B2-C1), provided that you study on a daily basis. 

If you are a beginner with the German language (A1 or A2) you can also join the University German Language Preparation Program. You will then, however, need more than 6 courses to reach C1. As our student, you will be able to access favorable conditions for all additional courses needed. 

If you want to reach A2 level already before you come to Vienna, you can join one of our LIVE online German courses. Our experienced and friendly teachers will guide you to study the basics of the German language from wherever in the world you are. You can start any time and reach A2 level even as a complete beginner within 6 months. 

Personal tutorials

Apart from your regular participation in your Intensive German Language Course from Monday to Thursday from 9:15-12 am, you will have a 30 minutes individual tutorial every week. This is to make sure that you are making the necessary learning progress and that you are applying the right learning strategies. In your weekly personal tutorials we support you with everything that you might need regarding language, cultural or administrative questions. 

ÖSD exam
At the end of your intensive language study with INNES, you will conclude with taking the ÖSD exam directly at our center. Your INNES University Language Preparation Program includes tutorials which you can use to focus on individual ÖSD preparation sessions. With this exam, you can then officially matriculate for most Bachelor or Master programs in Austria. 


Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at +43 1 890 65 85 with following information:

  • Your CV as PDF
  • Motivation Letter as PDF
  • Course level you would like to start with
  • Your preferred starting date
  • Name and Address

Course level 

If you are not sure which course level is appropriate for you to start with, simply complete this placement placement test.

Visa regulations

The University Prep Program is open to all students who are already in Austria or who do not need visas for Austria as well as for those who can enter without a visa for 3 months (i.e. USA, Japan, Mexico, Ukraine...). With this program you can only apply for an extended visitors visa, not for student visa. 


Advantages of taking the INNES University Language Preparation Program

  • You can start every month
  • Fast language earning progress
  • Individual support and guidance
  • Individual study plan and progress report
  • Flexible cancellation policy: you can cancel your program 60 days before the course start, 10% administrative fee apply.