German Summer Camp | INNES Institute Vienna

Summer Camp

A fun and fast way to learn German

We teach German systematically and guide students to master reading, writing, listening and speaking the language.

INNES Summer House

We provide fully equipped single or double bedrooms including on site facilities and internet access.

Out of class activities

Take part and be part of the group and enjoy a variety of cool outdoor and indoor cultural and sporty adventures we have prepared for you. We promise high energy and good vibes.

German Summer Camp

You want to learn German? Perfect. You want to properly experience one of the greatest cities in the world? Nice! You want to get to know new people and be supported by approachable and caring teachers? Done. We have just the place for you.

Our INNES summer school combines studying German and experiencing Austrian culture together with fellow students. If you are either between the age of 12 and 15 or 16 to 21, you can sign up and become part of our summer family! We provide a safe and sound environment for you to make you feel at ease and are driven to soak up what we will teach and show you. All you have to do is open your mind to new adventures, stories and people. We welcome you no matter if you are at the beginning of your German-learning journey or if you are already a more advanced speaker. A lot of our students return annually to work on their German skills and even prepare to study at a German speaking university. We love to see our community grow so don’t be too shy to try it out!

NOTE: Covid19 relevant special cancellation policy for 2020/2021. If you are prevented to participate because of Covid19 travel and entry regulations of your country of origin or Austria, whole amount will be paid back.

Learning German

In class you will study German in a systematic way, according to latest research on language learning methods. Your learning experience will be supported by our passionate team of highly skilled teachers who have bags of experience in teaching German as a foreign language and are academically trained experts in didactics and methodology. But they also want you to enjoy your learning journey and will therefore make it a bespoke and individual language learning experience.

Sunshine for all your shining aspirations! Our studying space is bright and open so you have the ideal environment to feel inspired and ambitious.

Classes will take place from Monday to Friday usually between 9am and 1pm. In the afternoon (and on weekends) there will be additional time for cultural and sporty activities so you can get to know the Austrian way of life and bond with your fellow students. We have seen some wonderful friendships form over the years!

Home sweet home

Spend some time in the most livable city in the world!

We want you to have the best experience possible so we not only look after you in class but ensure you feel at home when settling into your new environment.

We want to make sure you feel comfortable and safe at our INNES summer hostel, situated just outside the city center in a green and quiet neighbourhood. This up and coming area called „Aspern Vienna’s Urban Lakeside“ is Vienna’s biggest city development area and is close to some of the most beloved recreational spots such as „Alte Donau“, „New Danube“ and Donau-Auen-Nationalpark as well as public transportation. It’s all about community and team spirit at our summer accommodation which is equipped with modern single and double bedrooms as well as shared living spaces like a modern kitchen, recreational space and bathrooms. Our counsellors will make sure you are well looked after during your entire stay.

We know that a smart brain needs proper brainfood so we encourage you eat well. We provide 3x meals per day consisting of healthy fruits and vegetables as well as beverages like coffee or tea.

Guidance and getting there

If you are under 15 years old and travelling without an accompanying adult in Vienna you will have to book our provided supervision. Our older students will be guided by our counsellors who can be reached via an emergency telephone number by your parents anytime. Alternatively your parents will have the opportunity to call you every day during studying breaks. Either way, you will receive our detailed safety guidance shortly after applying.

Our week start and end on Sundays so we ask you kindly to take that into consideration when booking flights/trains/busses. We can provide pick ups and drop offs to and from Vienna International Airport if you make sure not to schedule arrivals prior 8am or after 7pm and not to schedule departures before noon or after 6pm. Otherwise there are always taxis, trains and Ubers that can take you there.

Social Activities

There is a reason why Vienna is one of the most livable cities in the world. It is for one the greenest city and has a rich aristocratic and cultural heritage. There is just too much to see and too much to do to fill any itinerary list. We will definitely take you to Waltz classes if you want to try it out or visit some of the famous museums or palaces in the Austrian capital. You can visit our blog to find out more about Viennese life and get a glimpse of what awaits you. Our social activities will also give you an opportunity to actively use the language skills you have learned in-class, in everyday situations.

Toto, we are not in Vienna anymore! We will not only take a look at what Vienna has in store for us but also spread our wings further. On weekends we offer day trips to other parts of Austria like Graz, Salzburg, Linz, Melk or nearby attractions. Weekend-trips will cost about 80 to 90 Euro and include lunch and travel costs.

ÖSD Exams

If you decide to take the accredited ÖSD exams, which by the way stands for Österreich, Schweiz and Germany, you will have an additional two hours of language training per week.

This exam is equal to the German speaking countries as a TOEFL or IELTS to English speaking countries. ÖSD exams mainly focus on communicative aspects which aim to assess foreign competence in real life situations, which also prepares you to study at a German speaking university at a later stage. It is a state-approved examination and assessment system for German as a foreign language.

Travel Insurance and Cancellation

We take health and wellbeing of our students very serious. Therefore we ask you to get the „Welcome to Austria“ travel, health and liability insurance which protects you and ourselves in the event of any emergencies in Austria and other Schengen States.

In case you can’t make it to the INNES summer camp for any unforseen reason, we highly recommend a cancellation insurance.

Program Fee Calculator

Tuition dates 400€ 20 units per week | course books | culture and leisure program | half day supervision
Your current level - Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced
Taxi Pickup 0€ airport | both directons
Supervision 24/7 0€ 24/7 supervision by INNES coaches | for 12 to 15 aged obligatory
Full Board 0€ Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner
Public Transport 0€ All means of public transport in Vienna
Accommodation 0€ single room | double room
ÖSD Exam (all levels) 0€ Official Austrian Language Proficiency Test
Total EUR 775