What type of learner are you? Find out!
1. In a language course, you learn a foreign language most effectively when ...
2. You are attending further training. What method of acquiring new knowledge do you prefer?
3. You study for an important exam at university. How do you prepare yourself?
4. It is easiest for you to remember new important information in everyday working life if you ...
5. You are writing a text in Spanish in the office and you are not sure how to spell a certain word. What would you do?
6. After a busy week, you really want to relax. What’s your choice?
7. You are planning a vacation. How do you find out about your dream travel destination?
8. You need a new laptop. What do you do when you buy in-store?
9. You are at a party. How do you judge the character of other people?
10. You are new to a city and ask a person for directions to a specific location. What kind of explanation will help you the most?
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