Martina Szüsz

Mag. iur.

Martina has been teaching for more than twenty years. She started as a university teacher and practitioner in the legal field and has gradually expanded her profession into languages. She is a dedicated fan of German, because it is very accurate, variable and romantic at the same time, being the language of many great philosophers. She considers language a door-opener and a key to a whole new world. She believes that “every learner can express their thoughts from the very beginning, regardless of perfection, because the most valuable things lie within ourselves, and language is a means to share them with others.” Watching learners as they develop their skills and move towards their goals gives Martina real pleasure and is a core origin of her sincere love for teaching. Martina loves spending time with her two sons, music, sailing and reading. Although being a great admirer of Mark Twain’s, she doesn’t quite agree with his approach to German. When he said „Life is too short to learn German“ he must have had the wrong teacher!