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General Information

1. What is INNES Institute Vienna?

INNES Institute Vienna is an educational institute specialized in German language courses, customized academic programs, and short academic programs for international students and professionals. Our aim is to stimulate intellectual and personal development in an open and diverse environment. We enable our course participants to develop the knowledge and skills they need for succeeding in their fields. We provide an educational platform for all creative and open-minded brains to share their thoughts, expertise and experience. Our school works to the highest international academic standards and we have had excellent reviews from former participants, e.g:

Since I have experience in other courses in other institutes, I must say I really, really liked courses at INNES. For me it was very useful, very helpful and I really learned a lot. Moreover, I think it is good that we are obligated to have tests and do our homework. Our teacher explained everything in detail and whenever we had questions our needed help she was there. Big thank you, and hopefully I will take my B1.2 level again at INNES soon. German course participant

2. Do you recommend any airport or room key pickup service?

Yes, we do!

They offer excellent conditions and best service - if you want them to pick up your key for you before, just ask them for the special INNES offer.

if you are a group of three and more participants, we can organize a pick up for up to 6 participants for EUR 15 per person, just let us know at [email protected]

3. What if I need a visa to come to Austria?

As soon as we receive your payment, we will send you a visa invitation to start your visa process at the embassy.

4. Can you write me an invitation letter for the embassy?

Of course we can write you an invitation for the Austrian Consulate/Embassy. In this case, we would kindly ask you to pay the course fee (bank transfer), then we can confirm that we will guarantee you a fixed place in the course and write an invitation letter for you. With this letter, it will be quick and easy to process your visa. 

5. What kind of visa can I apply for?

You can apply only for simple visitor visa, which is issued for participating in our German language courses. This visa can be issued for the maximum period of 6 months. Please consider you will have to pay the whole course fee for the whole period in advance and the embassy is going to ask you to prove sufficient financial means for the whole period of stay. If you are applying for 6 months, you will need to prove that you have EUR 10.500 on your bank account to be able to apply for the visa. Visitors visas cannot be extended. As INNES Institute is not running degree programs, you can not apply for student residence permit or any other kind of residence permit. 

6. What if I am not granted a visa?

Your registration is binding and therefore we cannot offer any refunds on the grounds of a visa refusal.

International Winter and Summer Schools

1. Is there a deadline for registration?

Yes, you can find the deadline information directly on the program web page.

The sooner you register, the better, for three reasons: 

1.  If you need to process a visa, you will need to apply at least 6-8 weeks in advance.

2.  If you want to arrange cheap accommodation, it will be easier to get a good deal if you plan ahead.

3.  Some of our schools are very popular and places fill up quickly.

2. What does the tuition fee include?

The tuition fee covers only the course costs. Not included are: accommodation, meals, social program activities, and travel costs. When you complete the online registration, you can choose any extra services you would like, and they will be invoiced to you separately.

3. Is accommodation included in the tuition fee?

Accommodation is not included in the tuition fee. We support you to organise your stay in a university-run student residence in a shared or single room. The modern yet affordable facilities are located in the centre of Vienna.  Student residences allow you to experience European student life and meet new people. Alternatively, you could opt for a room or private apartment booked with Airbnb or any of the affordable and central hostels in Vienna. 

4. What are the accommodation costs?

We co-operate with the Vienna Housing Office in order to offer special rates for our participants during the months of January, February, July and August

  •  1 week single / double room [6 nights]: EUR 293/203 p/p
  •  2 weeks single / double room [13 nights]: EUR 396/306 p/p
  •  3 weeks single / double room [20 nights]: EUR 464/374 p/p

No extra cleaning fee or administrative costs will be added to the above prices. You will be required to pay EUR 200 deposit, but you will get the full amount back after your stay. 

You have to arrange the reservation with the Housing Office directly. If you tick the box “Yes, I am interested in a room” during your registration process, then the Housing office will contact you directly.

Alternatively, you could opt for AirBnB or find a room/bed in one of the many hostels in Vienna. If you have any extra questions regarding accommodation, please contact us.

5. What are the requirements to apply for an INNES international school?

You should be an undergraduate, graduate or professional. Previous knowledge in the field of the particular school program is advisable. 

6. What kind of documents should I upload onto the registration form?

You should upload your CV and a transcript of records from your university’s registrar in the second step of your online application. A Transcript of records is a list of all the courses that you have completed, compiled by your university. Your transcript will help us make sure that the school will be an appropriate fit for your knowledge and skills.

7. Do I need an English proficiency certificate to attend a school?

You do not need to have a certificate confirming your command of the English language. However, your English language skills need to be at least at B2 level for you to be able to confidently follow the course and actively participate in it.

8. How do I register/apply?

You can apply online on our webpage by clicking “register” on the top right of you page of your chosen school.

Here are all the necessary steps:

1. Complete an online application and upload the required documents (i.e. your CV and your university transcript).

2. Wait two days. It takes approximately 2 days to process your application. You will be notified via email once you have been accepted to your school and you will then receive a payment request.

3. You can pay via bank transfer or paypal.

4. Get your confirmation email and your letter of invitation.As soon as we have received your payment, we will send you a confirmation email and issue an official letter of invitation for you to begin your visa process (if necessary). *Note: If you are not granted a visa, we will refund your money, reduced only by an administrative fee of 35 EUR.

5. Check your inbox for news from us. 
Before your winter or summer school starts you will receive extra information about the social program here in Vienna, along with all other necessary information regarding your international school and Vienna life. 

6. Make your travel and accommodation arrangements.
Travel arrangements should be made so that you arrive at least one day BEFORE the program starts. Accommodation can be organised with the Housing office or independently. 

9. Can I get ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credits for a school?

Yes, depending on the number of classroom hours of the particular summer school program, you will receive 3, 6 or 8 recommended ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credits.

10. What language are winter and summer schools taught in?

All courses are taught in English.

11. Do I have to rank my preferences for schools?

You do not have to indicate your preferences for winter and summer schools; simply choose one you like the most and fill out the application. The application process is further described in Question 8, "How do I register/apply?"

12. Is it possible to get my tuition fee refunded in case I have to withdraw from a school?

In order to provide smooth course start and organization, your course registration is binding and therefore no refunds are offered.

Course Cancellation Insurance

By paying an additional 10% of your course fees you are eligible to a full course fee refund if you cancel by email (info(at) up to 24 hours in advance prior to the course start date. 

German Language Courses

1. Can you organize accommodation for me?

We cooperate with the Vienna Housing Office in order to offer special rates for our participants during the months of January, February, July and August

  •  1 week single / double room [6 nights]: EUR 293/203 p/p
  •  2 weeks single / double room [13 nights]: EUR 396/306 p/p
  •  3 weeks single / double room [20 nights]: EUR 464/374 p/p
  •  4 weeks single / double room [27 nights]: EUR 497/417 p/p

No extra cleaning fee or administrative costs will be added to the above prices, but housing office will charge you EUR 35 to make you an offer. You will also be required to pay EUR 200 deposit, but you will get back the full amount after your stay. You have to arrange the reservation directly with the Housing Office. If you tick the box “Yes, I am interested in a room” during your registration process, then the Housing office will contact you by email.  Alternatively, you could opt for AirBnB or find a room/bed in one of the many hostels in Vienna. If you have any extra questions regarding accommodation, please contact us.

2. What to do if I don't know my language level?

You can take a placement test here to assess your current level. 

3. Can I change the course if I realize the level is not appropriate?

Yes, you can change within the first 2-3 course days. Please talk with your teacher first and ask him/her if they recommend a level change.

4. How and when can I pay?

You may pay via online bank transfer, via paypal, or directly at our office if you are in VIenna. IMPORTANT: Payment must be completed within one week. If you have registered less than 7 days before the beginning of the course, please pay immediately after your registration to secure your spot. 

5. What does the course price include?

The course price includes lessons, coursebooks and all other material, at least 2-3 progress tests and a course certificate. 

6. Is there a deadline for the registration?

No, there is no deadline, but we recommend that you book as soon as possible as some courses and levels are very popular.

7. Do I receive ECTS credits for the course?

Yes. While our courses do meet ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) standard qualifications, please make sure to confirm that your particular university will accept them before enrolling in the course. Usually we recommend the equivalent of 6 ECTS for an intensive or semester course. 

8. Is it possible to get my course fee refunded in case I have to withdraw from a course?

Course Cancellation

24 hours money back guarantee: if you cancel within 24 hours after your registration and payment.

30 days before the course start you receive full amount back reduced by 10% administrative fee.

15 days before the course start you receive 70% back.

7 days before the course start you receive 50% back.

Only cancellations by email are accepted. 

Contact Details

Office Address: Favoritenstr. 4-6/1 A-1040 Vienna
Phone Numbers: +43 1 890 65 85
Office hours: Monday to Thursday 9 to 17, Friday 9 to 15
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